Events & Activity Update - 01 Sep 2021

Events & Activity Update

Over the summer there have been some key updates to processes that you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Covid Measures – The government restrictions have lifted but this doesn’t mean that everything can go back to normal. The University still have to think about the safety of all students at Royal Holloway. So what does this mean for student groups?
    • University spaces such as academic rooms should adhere to the 1m+ rule. There is more information on academic rooms in the Room Bookings update
    • There will be some capacity limitations on the spaces available. If you need this information, just let us know
    • You will still need to clean rooms after use and equipment that members use. Cleaning materials can be collected from the SU Helpdesk.
    • Events still need an event proposal and risk assessment to be approved by a member of the Student Opportunities team before it can go ahead

  • Food at events – Due to the introduction of Natasha’s Law, it’s imperative that you display the list of ingredients, with the common allergens highlighted, for all food that you are serving or selling. Whether that be cakes at a bake sale or snacks at a film night, ingredients should be displayed clearly. There will be more information on Freshdesk by the start of term.

  • Cash – The University is remaining cashless this year and so is the Students’ Union, therefore we’d recommend not using cash at your events, and instead taking advantage of the card machine you can hire at the Helpdesk. However, if taking cash is essential then you can pay this in at the Helpdesk, no later than 3 days after the event, Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm. Please note there will be a delay in the funds appearing in your account – any cash paid in will appear in your Google account at the end of each term. More information on the paying in procedures are available here.

  • Card Machine – There is a card machine that student groups are able to hire for your events. All you need to do is submit a Freshdesk ticket with the information on this solution article.