Last year, we introduced a Code of Conduct for all student groups. You can find the template on your Google Drive in the Shared with Me folder.  

Each summer your committee should take a look at this, decide on whether they would like to add anything and sign it. This must then be shared with all of your members at the start of the year, as being a member of your group will mean they will have automatically signed up to the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is to set out clear guidelines around what is expected of your members and you as a committee. It helps hold people accountable for their actions and sets out a clearer path of what steps can be taken if someone was to breach this.

The template we have provided covers:

  • General conduct and adhering to the University’s handbook and the Union’s wider code of conduct

  • Committee responsibilities - including explaining that committees should be attending committee meetings and if they do not attend two without formal apologies they can be removed from their position by the committee

  • Events and activities - ensuring events are run in a safe and inclusive manner, and adding what to do if you are concerned for someone’s safety if attending an event and reporting incidents

  • Conduct - and how to deal with this

  • A competition and sport section which can be deleted if not relevant to you (as a Society for example)

You may want to also add your own sections specific to your group. For example, if you have performances and rehearsals you might want something that covers conduct at these. 

At the end of the summer, we will make these view only after which the only way to make any amendments would be to e-mail the current VP Societies and Sport first.