How do I book?

Firstly you need to have a driver who has been authorised by the Students’ Union, check out this Freshdesk article more information on becoming an authorised driver. Have an authorised driver? Great - fill out this booking form to request your bus. 

We need to know:

  • How long the vehicle is required for

  • Name of group

  • Destination

  • Name of driver (must be an authorised driver)

  • Contact details

Don't forget, you need to make bookings one week in advance or for fixtures, latest midday on Friday before the Wednesday. 

What happens next?

  1. You will then receive a confirmation email from Kendall stating the registration of the vehicle you have been assigned
  2. You’ll then receive a confirmation email from the Helpdesk outlining where the keys can be collected as well as other useful information
  3. You’ll then be able to collect the keys from the Helpdesk or Founders Security depending on the time – but this will all be detailed in the Helpdesk’s confirmation email


How much does it cost?

  • To hire a Kendall vehicle for up to 3 days, it is £53.95+VAT per day. The per-day rate slightly decreases if you want to hire the vehicle for more than 3 days. Let us know if you would like a quote.
  • On occasion, there will be an additional cost if the vehicle needs to be dropped off onto campus, this is £20 for delivery and £20 for collection. 
  • There is an additional fee of £19.80 per day to insure the vehicle
  • Your group will then be invoiced for the cost of hire – so make sure you have enough money in your group account before requesting a bus.


What if I want to make a regular booking?

If you hold training regularly offsite and therefore need a recurring booking for a bus, please email Student Opportunities / the Helpdesk with the following information:

  • Group name
  • Name of authorised driver
  • Start date for bookings and finish date for bookings
  • Days and times of bookings
  • Destination


We will then arrange the booking directly with Kendall. The costings for hire will be the same as stated above.

I need to cancel my booking 

All cancellations need to be communicated directly with Kendall on 01276 691972, and this must be followed up in an email to the SU Helpdesk ( or a phone call (01784 276700). Depending on the amount of notice given, your group may still incur a charge for the booking. 

Driver Responsibilities

There are a number of responsibilities involved in driving a bus for your group. Please familiarise yourself with the following solution article before driving the buses. In summary, by law you must not:

  • Carry any unopened alcohol on board

  • Smoke inside the vehicle (including hanging your head out of the window)

  • Carry more than the designated number of passengers (more than 8)

  • Use a mobile phone whilst driving

You must:

  • Ensure that seatbelts are used by all passengers.

As well as legal action against the driver, any club or society found to be in breach of any of the above is liable to face internal disciplinary, including pecuniary fines and bans from using transport services.