What is it?

We want to make sure all students from all backgrounds can access student groups, and we know that some costs can just be too high for students. That is where our access fund comes in, it is there to help out students who are struggling to access groups because of financial barriers. If you or your members are struggling or concerned about the costs associated with groups or their activity then take a look at how the access fund can help you.


What does it cover?

The fund can help to cover the following costs to the amounts listed:

  • Membership to a desired group up to 100%.
  • Kit and essential travel costs: up to 100%.
  • Competition entry costs: up to 100%
  • Event entry cost: up to 100%
  • Non-essential costs (e.g. trips, conference fees, individual competition costs, and social activities): up to 50%.
  • The maximum amount each student can request is £150 per academic year from the fund.


How can someone apply?

We have made the process as easy as we can whilst also protecting the importance of this fund. In order to apply, an application form will need to be completed. Before starting the application, the following information is needed: 

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Group the application is in reference to
  • How much they are asking for 
  • What they are asking the fund to cover
  • Evidence of their financial commitments
    • Rent
    • Monthly bills
    • Monthly costs of living
    • Other
  • 2 months bank statements (attached as a pdf or photo)
  • Their student loan details and amounts (attached as a document or listed)
  • Bank account details for a successful grant to be paid into


Apply Here

In order to apply, follow this link and fill out all the information we need then our staff will be in touch about your application. If you are successful we will be in contact with the amount to be given and then we will draw up a Grant agreement that we will need you to sign in order to complete the funding. 

Promoting the Fund

As committee members, you should be promoting the Access Fund to your members and prospective members. It's a great way to encourage members to take part who may be put off by the cost of your group! Add a section to your website promoting the fund and add the badge attached to this article. We've put together a couple of sentences you can add to your group webpage:

"If you're worried about the cost of joining our student group, then check out the Students' Union's Access Fund. You can apply for funding for any costs associated to being part of a student group from the membership, to activities or equipment! Being part of a student group is such a big part of University life so make sure to check it out!"

If at any point you have any questions please get in touch with the opportunities team through Freshdesk.