This year, the facility allocation process is changing from previous years. We communicated this change at Student Group Training back in June, but you can find all the necessary information about it below!

Every year the Students' Union receives an allocation of facility space from Royal Holloway Sport for training and fixtures. This space is incredibly limited, especially due to the growing numbers of sports clubs. So to ensure the fairest distribution process we have come up with a new facility allocation process.

Please note: If you are a sport that is not able to train on campus due to requiring specialist facilities, you will need to fund your own facility hire as outlined during the ratification process of the group. 

We have outlined some principles to ensure the fairest way to distribute the facility allocation. 

  • In first instance, allocation will be determined with a tiered membership model approach. This means, based on the numbers of members you had in the previous academic year, you will be allocated X amount of training slots. So for the 2022/23 sessions, we will base it on the members' numbers from 2021/22. The model can be found below:
Numbers of membersSessions Allocated
  • We will try to allocate groups slots on campus, but where this is not possible, and off campus alternative will be booked. 
  • If there are sessions remaining within the facility allocation, these will be distributed fairly between groups who can use the space by looking at memberships numbers and seeing who is close to the next bracket. E.g. if a club has 39 members and another has 65, and there's one additional slot left, the group with 39 members would be allocated the slot.
  • Where a club wants extra slots due to their numbers increasing and there is no remaining space available within the allocation, the club will need to fund the cost of any extra sessions on or off campus.
  • Commonly preferred facility choices will be rotated on an annual basis in order to remain fair.
  • The allocation is determined by the Student Opportunities team with support of Royal Holloway Sport.
  • Where possible, space should be utilized for maximum usage, e.g. dividing the sports hall.
  • If a club does not use their training sessions, without giving proper notice and for a valid reason, they will be issued a warning. if it happens again, they will lose access to the session altogether.

Remember you are still able to access more training sessions if required, but the club will have to fund these. If you get an increase in numbers you will have an increase in funds which will allow you to access extra sessions.