Student Group Training is the big training period during which we train the newly elected committees for the following academic year. These training sessions have all the key information you need to run your group and ensure your group has a productive and fun year! It's also the perfect opportunity to get to know the SU team as well as ask any burning questions you may have.

Some of the training sessions are role-specific, but others are open to all committee members and present an amazing opportunity to get involved and learn the best way to to handle your group.

Missed the live version, or just need to brush up on some facts? Watch the training sessions below and read the attached FAQ document!

Introduction to Leadership (Presidents)

This session will introduce new committee members to their role in student groups and within the Students’ Union. It will also outline what leadership means in a student group and how you can develop this within your role.

Treasurer Training (Treasurers)

This session will provide all treasurers a detailed understanding of their responsibilities and the processes involved with student group finances. This includes how the different accounts work, how you can spend money using expense claims, invoices and purchase requests, and how money can be paid into your group account. This session will also go over how you can apply for funding from the Students’ Union, explain how to create a budget sheet and set your membership prices. 

Running Your Society or Media Outlet (Society Presidents & Secretaries)

This session will cover the key information to be able to operate in term one. This includes the processes involved in putting in events, and an overview of what space is available to use and how you can access it throughout the term. We will also discuss other admin tasks that will be useful to know and what to expect in Freshers.

Running Your Sports Club (Club Presidents & Captains)

This session will outline what term 1 might look like for your sports club, give you a timeline of all the key dates over the next few months and outline some key processes you will need to know for the summer. We will also discuss any admin tasks which will be useful for you including event proposal forms, coaching forms and kit orders.

Community, Culture & Conduct (Presidents, Social Secretaries, Wellbeing Secretaries)

This session looks at how we can work together to ensure student groups foster a positive and safe environment on campus and how to challenge negative behavior and conduct issues within your student group. We’ll equip you with the knowledge of what to do when things go wrong, and to raise awareness of what is expected for a positive campus culture from topics such as boundaries & communication to consent culture and welcome drinks, as well as understanding the role of an active bystander. 

Inclusivity & Diversity (Presidents, Wellbeing Secretaries, Inclusivity Roles)

This session will cover ways that you can make your group accessible to all and how you can support and empower members from diverse backgrounds to get involved with your activities.

Mental Health Awareness (Wellbeing Secretaries)

This session aims to reduce stigma around mental health and empower students to be able to create open discussions and a more inclusive environment for people to be able to talk about their own mental health experiences. We’ll talk about how prevalent mental health is in universities, symptoms you may spot in your student group and some useful skills and signposting resources.

Events & Fundraising (Event and Charity Roles)

This session will cover top tips for your event planning and all the information needed for a successful event. We’ll also go over the basics of charity law and fundraising regulations so you know all the do’s and don’ts of fundraising. As well as talk about ideas for events and fundraising to help get you started with your planning.

So when does this happen?

The training for elected committee of 2022/23, will take place from the 6th-10th June. From Monday to Thursday there will be two virtual sessions per day; one morning and one afternoon. On the Friday we will be hosting a Committee Café session, an in person drop-in session from 3-4.30pm.

Where do the sessions take place?

All training session will be online

The Committee Café (Friday), will take place in a drop in format at Medicine on the Friday between 3-4.30pm!

Well, how do I sign up?

If you've been elected into a new committee, you will have received an email with all this information. If you have misplaced the email you can follow this link to get signed up.

How do I know what to sign up to?

On the sign up form you can find a description of all training sessions. You can also read the description on the sign up form or below.

Some sessions are role-specific, so watch out for any specifications on the training session descriptions!

I can't make it, how am I going to get my training?

If you are unable to come to the sessions, we will be recording them and posting them here below once we have them. Albeit you won't be able to ask questions directly and interact!