If you are a sports club looking to buy some clothing for your team, you must make sure that you are following the Royal Holloway Sport Brand Guidelines. These exist to make sure that your club has high quality kit and is a part of the shared Royal Holloway Sport identity. By all clubs working with one supplier, we ensure that garments are produced ethically and ensures that members should only need to purchase their teamwear once during their time at Royal Holloway, as designs remain uniform.

If your questions about kit are not answered in this article, there is a full guidance document and the brand guidelines attached, but feel free to get in touch with us for any other questions. 

Playing Kit

All playing kit must be supplied by the official kit supplier, Samurai, unless Samurai do not provide the kit for your sport on a health and safety or a design basis. These exceptions can only be approved by the Student Opportunities and Active Lifestyle and Sport Teams, and all clubs must first complete this form about their kit. Clubs may only represent Royal Holloway in BUCS or other competitive fixtures and friendlies in official playing kit.

Kit that will be owned by individuals must be paid for with a button on the website. You must request this with a button request form before the order can be confirmed. If your kit is to be owned by your club and not by specific members, you must ensure you have the funds to pay for this.

For enquiries about playing kit please email playingkit@rhul.ac.uk

To order your kit, please complete the Sports Club Kit Order Form.


Teamwear is any kit which your club may wish to purchase as a group, to wear to training, matches or any sporting events. Samurai is the preferred supplier for teamwear, and all clubs must use them to provide teamwear. Some of this teamwear is available to purchase on the online clubshop. If you would like to order something which is not available on the online clubshop then please complete this Kit Order Form. If due to health and safety or a specific equipment need, Samurai are unable to produce the items you need, please contact us on Freshdesk.

Teamwear must follow the brand guidelines, be mainly black with green and purple as secondary colours, and not have any nicknames or sponsor logos.

For enquires please contact playingkit@rhul.ac.uk

To order your kit, please complete the Sports Club Kit Order Form.

Unofficial Leisurewear

Teams wishing to purchase clothing to wear to a social occasion, trip or tour may wish to purchase unofficial leisurewear. This includes any fanwear, merchandise or other fundraising items. All unofficial leisurewear designs must be approved by the Student Opportunities team.

No part of your club lock up (e.g. 'Royal Holloway' or the crest) may appear on the clothing, apart from the Bear and your club name (e.g. Women's Football, Cricket etc.).

The college name in any form may not be used. This includes Royal Holloway, RHUL etc.

The items must be designed to be in keeping with playing kit and official teamwear, including using the official colours of purple, green, white and black in their official pantones. These can be found in the Brand Guidelines.

Nicknames are permitted on unofficial leisurewear, but these must be approved by Student Opportunities, and will be rejected if they are found to be offensive, obscene, defamatory or bring the college into disrepute.

If you are looking to purchase unofficial leisurewear, please get in touch via Freshdesk.