If you want to enter an individual event that BUCS or LUSL are hosting - either as an individual or a team then follow these steps:

  1. Check out what events are being held on the BUCS website
  2. Download the BUCSPlay app or head to their website
  3. Find your Sport Community and join it
  4. Head to the events section
  5. Select your event and choose the relevant competition e.g. Mens 100m Freestyle
  6. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the entry costs
  7. Select your institution and press join
  8. Fill out the relevant information and select check eligibility 
  9. Once all boxes are ticked, press Apply
  10. Make sure to fill out the Competition & Fixture Request form at least 10 days before deadline in order to get the entry approved by us. The entry doesn't count unless we've approved it!

Once we've approved the entry and the deadline has passed, BUCS will publish a final entry list on their website and reach out with all the important details.