If you need to make a payment to a supplier like a coach, instructor or band you can ask them to send you an invoice. This will then need to be checked by your Treasurer and submitted via the Purchase Request Form. 


Invoice Deadlines

All invoices should have payment terms of 30 days from the date of the invoice, and we can guarantee that all invoices will be paid within these payment terms as long as we receive it at least two weeks before it is due- but the more notice the better, as if there are any issues with the invoice which need to be addressed this will delay payment. 


For example, you receive an invoice dated 1st September, with payment terms of 30 days, meaning payment is due by 1st October. You must submit the invoice to us by 17th September (two weeks before the due date) in order to ensure it will be paid.


Please note, coaches have separate deadlines outlined in their coach pack. If you’re not sure what we’re referring to then drop us a ticket on Freshdesk.

Invoice Checklist

In order for invoices to be processed by our finance team, they need to include specific details, which are listed in the Invoice Checklist below. You can also send this on to your supplier to help them create an invoice correctly:


  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice date

  • Suppliers contact details to include name, address, e-mail and telephone

  • Customer name

  • Addressed to Royal Holloway Students’ Union, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX

  • Description of goods or services ordered

  • Payment terms - this should be more than 30 days.

  • Bank details

  • VAT Breakdown (net price, quantity, VAT amount, total net and gross amount)

Please ensure your supplier is aware of what they need to include on the invoice before they send it in, as this will speed up the time it takes for the invoice to be paid. If all of the necessary details are included, we will make the payment within 30 days. 


If any of the above information is not included on the invoice, unfortunately it will be sent back to you for the amends to be made which will delay the payment. So please make sure to check it for all of this information before submitting it.


If we have never paid the supplier of the invoice before then there is some more information that we need before we can make any payments. You can check whether they are on our supplier database by following the link here. This can also be found on the purchase request form. 

If they are not on this list then we need the following information:

  • Supplier Address
  • Supplier Email 
  • Supplier Contact Number (ideally for someone in their finance department)
  • UTR number if a sole trader/individual OR VAT number for companies
  • Proof of suppliers bank details 

The proof of their bank details must be separate from the invoice that is to be paid, and can be either:  a word document or email with the bank details and company's letterhead, or a screenshot from their online banking which clearly displays the name of the account holder matching the name of the company, and their sort code/account number. 

We cannot process any invoices without all of the above information, so if you don't provide us with all the necessary information it will just delay the invoice getting paid.