Covid-19 Update

When planning for any sponsorship deals, just remember to think about realistically what you are able to offer this term. You need to make sure you can uphold your end of the agreement, so only offer things that you know you can deliver e.g. shout-outs on social media, virtual speaker events etc. If you’re not sure, reach out to us and we can help!

Income generation is often key to the sustainability of any student group and securing a sponsorship agreement is a great way of achieving this. We therefore actively encourage you to seek out sponsorship deals with external companies but would ask that you please follow the advice below to ensure that both the Students’ Union and the external company can uphold their side of the deal:

  • We would advise that any potential sponsorship is discussed with the relevant Sabbatical Officer or a member of the Student Opportunities team before a final sponsorship deal is agreed. A face to face meeting would be preferable, as staff members will have oversight of other sponsorship agreements in place, and can advise on whether your particular ‘deal’ may have any implications for other agreements.

  • Before the discussion, it would be useful for you to have completed a draft of the Sponsorship Agreement, as this will help you think about some of the detail that we’ll be seeking to understand.

  • Remember to bring the completed draft Sponsorship Agreement to your discussion with us.

  • Generally sponsorship agreements can take time to sort out so please be realistic with your expectations around time frames. We would expect to see a draft form at least three weeks before an agreement is finalised.

  • Once the Sponsorship Agreement has been completed the Students’ Union will invoice your sponsor for the agreed amount. This will be posted to your account summary once it has been received. 

In negotiating your sponsorship agreement there are a few things you should probably consider:

  • Think about what your group can offer potential sponsors that other groups may not – i.e. do you have a good reach on social media? Do you have a large number of members who would visit regularly if you’re targeting a local business?

  • While we’re all for supportive networks around your group, family sponsorship can be tricky as it doesn’t provide a long-term connection for the group. Where a family sponsorship is pursued, the whole committee should be on board and approve the agreement to ensure that any potential conflict of interest is transparent, and that the whole group benefits from the deal.

  • The Students’ Union has a Third Party Promotions Policy in place which highlights some exclusions around sponsorship. We can talk you through this in more detail when we meet.

  • The template Sponsorship Agreement we use may not be applicable for some large corporations, who will generally provide a written agreement themselves. Where this is the case, please bring a copy of this agreement to your meeting with us.

Click here to view our Sponsorship Agreement.