If you are looking to hold an event either in Founders Dining Hall or the Picture Gallery, you will need to fill out an Event Proposal in the Student Group Admin form, and submit a risk assessment. In the form you will need to select the specific venue required and complete the information in the form as requested. This will then be submitted through to the Student Opportunities team who will liaise with the necessary departments to see if the space is available. 


Please make sure you have read the following guide before submitting your request:



The bar staff charge is £200.00 + VAT (non-refundable) as long as £500 is achieved; if this is not reached the shortfall will be charged on the booking / main account. Wine, bottled beer and cider, spirits and soft drinks are available. Please note we are a cashless campus and only accept card payment (excluding American Express).

A £500.00 refundable deposit will be required subject to the following process being carried out satisfactorily: 

  • Furniture to be moved at the start of the event
  •  and replaced after the guests leave, as per the table plan which will be provided on the night, so that the room is ready for breakfast the following morning.  
  • Bin bags and brooms will be provided so that the room can be tidied, and any rubbish cleared. 


Food & Drink

  •  Where a drinks reception or welcome drink is offered, the bar in Founders Dining Hall will not open until the reception is over. A finger buffet is available if you would like to offer food.
  • Catering tables will be clothed however it is not possible to provide additional tablecloths.
  • Please note that you are unable to bring in your own food and drinks.



  • Student functions may take place Monday to Friday during the autumn and spring term only.  
  • Access to the room is never earlier than 8.00pm even for set up, as the priority must be student dining during term time and students cannot be asked to leave the hall until after this time. We recommend that between 8-10 strong individuals should arrive to set up from 8.00pm, subject to access being permitted by the Duty Manager and guest arrival will be no earlier than 8.30pm.
  • During term time the bar closes at 11.30pm and functions end at 12pm.


Decor & Layout

Due to storage restrictions, the furniture used in the Dining Hall daily (including the tills) remains in the room but can be moved by you towards the Servery end of the Hall and screened off to create a dance floor. Committee members must ensure that guests do not enter the kitchen or servery area.

Please advise all decorations you wish to bring and note the time restrictions for the set-up. The following items are prohibited:

  • Any fixings such as tape to be applied to either walls or floor
  • Helium Balloons
  • Candles or naked flames of any kind

Should any damage occur through the installation of any decorations or the behaviour of guests then the College will apply a charge for cleaning or repairs.



  • If you wish to book an external band, DJ or any other entertainment from outside the college then they must provide Public Liability documents and PAT Certificates a minimum of 7 working days prior to the event. This also applies to any electrical equipment being used that is not the property of the college (i.e., if you are using the college jazz band then they must borrow the amp from the AV department as all College equipment is tested and approved).
  • Please advise if access to a microphone and the music cupboard is required. The Duty Manager holds the key.

Extra Details

  • The maximum number of guests permitted in the Founders Dining Hall is 150.
  • Please provide a contact number and college email address which can be used should you need to be reached in or out of term time.   
  • Please be aware that the key contact attending the event will be required to sign for accountability for the event, and will be responsible for students’ behaviour and clearing up after the event.


If having read the above information you wish to proceed with your booking, please fill out an event proposal. Once confirmed a member of staff will meet with you and assist you in planning for your event.

**Please note that your event is not confirmed and therefore not guaranteed to proceed until you have received a confirmation schedule from the conference & catering office**