As a sports club, you must adhere to the sports club bears brand guidelines. These guidelines cover everything from playing kit, to social media, and help ensure you are effectively and appropriately advertising your group at every possible opportunity.


Using the official Royal Holloway Sport lockup across communications creates a coherent and unified sport identity. It embodies our heritage, while emphasising the competitive nature of the student athletes, and allowing Royal Holloway to stand out in the contemporary sporting arena. 

Every group will have a club lockup and these should never be edited, changed, or recreated. Nothing can be added to the Club lockups (e.g. goggles for Swimming, or a helmet for American Football), and no element can be removed. Also, the bear and the coat of arms must not be modified in any way, this includes adding a body or limbs to the bear.

If you don’t have access to your group’s lockup, please get in touch with us and we will have it sent to you.

Colossus Logo

Let’s face it, we all love Colossus and the use of Colossus’ logo can be a great way to easily identify you as part of Royal Holloway Sport. 

The logo of Colossus can be utilized more flexibly than the full lockup, but it is still important that the bear itself is not modified in any way, with nothing added or removed, and the proportions not changed. (You can’t go adding any equipment or anything to the design!)

The bear can be used on its own as a graphic element in applications, allowing you flexibility to use it in an appropriate way for their teams. But please ask us first when using the bear on its own as we have to get it checked over.

Colour Palette

Royal Holloway Sport does have a specific colour palette, the primary colours being Green, White and Purple as a reflection of the suffragettes associated with Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. 

Now this doesn’t mean that you are only allowed to use these colours, but in certain situations (playing kit, your group’s social media profile pictures, tournament posters etc) you will need to.


If you have chosen to set up your own website, you should use your club’s horizontal lockup when producing the website page. The full name of the Club must be used, with no abbreviations, and no alterations to the lockup. 

It should be located at the top of the page, with the appropriate amount of clear space around it.

Social media

Clubs social media pages should all have the white bear on the purple background as the profile picture. The cover image should be created using an appropriate photograph for the relevant Club. In order for the Club logo to be clearly visible over the cover image, adjust the size and positioning of the image to allow this. 

On an official Club Facebook page, the whole name of the Club has to be written out, Royal Holloway ‘Sport’ (e.g. Royal Holloway Lawn Bowls). Abbreviations cannot be used - such as, but not limited to, ‘RHUL Lawn Bowls’, ‘RH Lawn Bowls’, ‘Royal Lawn Bowls’ or ‘Bears Lawn Bowls’.

Facebook page admin rights must only be available to the committee and, where possible, only core roles and social media related roles. Please ensure the Colossus D’Bear Facebook account is also an admin as this is your safety net for if you are locked out - if you remove Colossus’ admin rights then we can’t help you..!

For Twitter and Instagram usernames and handles, the whole Club name should be used. Where the whole Club name does not fit the character limit, abbreviations using the following format are allowed: RH‘Sport’ (e.g. RHLawnBowls). No other abbreviations or spellings are to be used.