Bank Transfers

If you are transferring money via bank transfer, the details are as follows:

  • Name: Students' Union Royal Holloway University of London

  • Sort Code: 20-81-11

  • Account Number: 50746150

  • Reference: Student Group - Account (i.e. Other, Restricted, Social)

This is a business account.

It's important to include the name of your group, otherwise we won't be able to track the funds. Once you have transferred the money please fill out this form so we can keep an eye out for the money to come in, and note that it may take a little while for the money to show up in your account summary.


We no longer take cash at the Helpdesk. Instead you should make use of the website buttons and take money electronically via card machine hire– it’s a really easy process.

However, where taking cash in unavoidable for you in the circumstances, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will need to either deposit the cash into the Students' Union bank account

  • OR you will have to deposit it into your account and then transfer it to us

We strongly recommend you do not use cash for your own safety and for ease of paperwork. We also strongly discourage having group money in anybody's personal accounts. So please do avoid taking cash. We have 3 card machines available for hire from the Helpdesk for all your events.

Also please note that cash deposits will take longer than card money to be processed and to show up on your account. 

Charity Donations

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