To collect deposits or payments for things like trips, events and clothing, please complete the Button/Ticket Request section of the Student Group Admin Form. The Student Opportunities team will then get back to you when we update your page with the relevant request. 

If your button request relates to an event, please make sure you have submitted an Event Proposal and Risk Assessment as well- you can find our how to do this here.

Please note, button requests need to be made at least ten working days in advance of going live, so please be organized and realistic in your planning. 

Buttons can also be requested to go live a long time in advance. So for instance if in September you know you are going to host an event in December and know what dates you want to put the buttons on sale, you can submit the request and we can schedule this for you!

Buttons are also very versatile and allow for a lot of customisations. We can choose when the button goes on and off sale, if it is only available to group members, RHUL students, everyone or a select few, we can also choose to add question boxes if you need to check anything, etc. All the possibilities are listed on the button request form! If you have any extra requests you would like to add, please add them in the notes.