Need a card machine for your fundraising event? Or want to sell on-the-door tickets? Then follow the process outlined below! We have four card machines that student groups can hire out for their events and the money gets paid directly into their account, meaning it follows all correct income procedures and is a super easy process!

All you need to do is:

  1. Submit an event proposal on the Student Group Admin Form and also select card machine hire. Here we will ask you for the following details:

    1. Date and time you would like to use the machine

    2. Collection time

    3. Return time

    4.  What event will it be used for

    5. What time does the event start and end

    6.  What account the money will need to be paid in at the end

  2. Wait for confirmation from the Student Opportunities team that your event is approved and we have processed your request

  3. Head to the SU Helpdesk at the specified time to collect the machine, read the terms of use below and complete the "Card Machine Check-out/in Form".

  4. Return the machine at the specified time and, again, complete the "Card Machine Check-out/in Form". 

We will then:

  1. Run a transaction report to see how much income you have made

  2. Update your income information to reflect the incoming funds (it will not be counted in your balance at this stage but you will be able to see how much you have to be paid in)

  3. Our finance team will then do a monthly reconciliation of all the funds in the bank account that the card machine pays into, and amend your income detail so your balance reflects the funds raised

Please note card machines need to be dropped off during Helpdesk opening hours (Monday-Friday 10-4pm). 

We only have 4 card machines for all of our student groups and we process many requests at once. So if you delay bringing the machine back, you may be preventing another group from using it during their allocated time. 

Card Machine Hire Terms Of Use

When hiring the student group card machine, you must follow the terms outlined below:

  1. Only use the card machine for approved student group activity 

  2. Collect the machine at the agreed-upon time

  3. Return the machine at the agreed-upon time

  4. Not allow any improper use of the machine

  5. Alert the Student Opportunities team of any issues or damage to the machine

  6. If any damage is caused to the machine or if it is lost as a result of your group using it, your group may be charged for its replacement (this is currently £94.80). You may also be charged £5 for each 'accessory' that is lost.