In order to book a room, you will need to use Resource Booker.

The rooms available are outlined below, and we have access to these Monday to Friday 18:00-22:00, with a select few also available at weekends between 10:00-17:00. Attached at the bottom of this article is a guide on how to use the system and a terms of use document which must be adhered to when using the room. 

So what do you need to do?

Do I need to submit an event proposal with every room booking?

Yes. When bookings are first made, they are only provisional. Only when a confirmation email sent to the person who made the booking, is when the room is available for you to use. The confirmation email will only be sent once your event proposal and risk assessment is approved. Without an approved EP & RA, you are not able to use your room.

Do we need to clean the rooms?

Yes. You will need to collect a cleaning kit from the SU Helpdesk on the day of your room booking, and return it the following day. You will need to clean your room using the supplies provided.

Can we move the tables and chairs?

Yes. But the room must be left in the exact layout as displayed in the map available in the room. If the room is left in any other condition, you will not be able to use any academic rooms in the future.

Who can book rooms on Resource Booker?

Only Presidents and Secretaries will have access to the system using their university email addresses. All room bookings for your group will need to come via your President or Secretary. In cases where groups don’t have both a President and a Secretary, we have selected another committee member. We have sent an email with this information to all those who have access to the system.

Which rooms can we use for physical activity?

If using the room for physical activity i.e. a dance class, then please make sure to use one of these rooms:

  • Boilerhouse 007
  • Bourne Annexe 290
  • Munro Fox Lecture Theatre
  • Munro Fox Seminar Room
  • Wettons A
  • Wettons B
  • Arts External Seminar Room

How many people are allowed in a room?

The capacities of each room is listed next to the name of the room on the Resource Booker system.


Can we book other spaces?

Other premium spaces may be available for student groups, for example, Boilerhouse Auditorium and other lecture theatres. For these requests, please submit an event proposal and risk assessment and we can get it booked in for you.

Are there any other rules on booking the rooms?

Only book the size room that you need, and the number of rooms you will actually use. Especially with the rush in the first few weeks of term, please be conscious of other student groups by only requesting the necessary size i.e. a rehearsal with only 5 people does not need Windsor 1-02.

What rooms can we book?


Arts F016 

McCrea 003 

Arts LT1 

Arts S008 

Arts S021 

Arts LT2 

Bourne Annexe 280 

George Eliot 1-01 

Boilerhouse 007 

Bourne Annexe 295 

George Eliot 1-02

Bourne LT2 

George Eliot 1-03 

International Building IN031 

Bourne Annexe 290 

George Eliot 1-04 

International Building IN243 

Founders Lecture Theatre 

International Building IN029 

International Building IN245 

Horton Lecture Theatre 1 

Moore 0-02/3 

International Building IN028 

Munro Fox Lecture Theatre 

Moore 0-04/5 

Arts F028 

Munro Fox Seminar Room 

Moore 006 

 McCrea 004

Wettons A  Wed, Thurs, Fri only

Moore 007 

Arts F001 

Wettons B 

Moore 008 

McCrea 1-14

 Arts External Seminar Room

Moore 009 

Windsor Building Seminar Rooms 1-02, 1-03, 1-04, 1-05