If you are struggling to access something as a committee member, or if you've just joined the committee then fill out the form below and we can sort it out for you!

Access Request Form


How it works:

  • Freshdesk - we'll be able to send you an activation email which will include a link. Follow the link and you'll be able to set up your account and see what tickets your groups have submitted so far. The link does expire so ensure you set up your account as soon as possible.

  • Website - we can upload you to the website which means your names will appear on your group's web page and you'll have admin tools to edit your pages and see your members list.

  • Google Account - we will send out the login details to your google account to Presidents and Treasurers. You'll be able to check out your finances and emails here. 

  • Teams Channels - you will be added to some different team channels where we will provide information throughout the year

  • There is also space to provide us any information we might need to know about helping you get access to any of the above, so make sure to fill it out so we can help!

When we received your form we'll drop you an email once we've set you up!


Entirely new committee?

If you have been recently ratified or have an entirely new committee please fill out this form instead:


New Group Set Up Form