Covid-19 Update

For any covid-19 related incidents, please follow the guidance outlined in the Student Group Activity and Risk Assessment document

Health & Safety sounds ominous, hard to get your head around and a bit dull but we want to make sure you are aware of certain parameters, so you can effectively support your members to get involved in an accessible and safe manner. So here is your whistle stop tour of what you need to know.

Incident Reporting

We know that accidents can't always be helped but we want to make sure we know about it, so we can check in the Group and member, and support where we need to. To do this, please fill in the quick and easy online RHSU incident report form. We would urge you to complete it as soon as you can and ideally at the venue where the incidence happened. The sooner we know, the sooner we can support and this information can be used to help down the line if needed.

First Aid Courses

To keep you safe and to upskill your members, we offer first aid courses throughout the year on all the basic emergency skills you need to cover. The cost of £15 per person is picked up by RHSU. However, if you sign up and don’t attend then your student group will incur this cost.

We will email out the dates of courses as and when they arise so keep your eyes on your emails.

First Aid Kits

If your group requires a first aid kit, don't worry: we've got you covered. We can provide one at the beginning of every year, fully stocked and ready to go. Don't forget, it's your responsibility to keep and replenish when bits and pieces get used. At the end of the year, these kits have to be signed back into the Helpdesk. 


It's important to keep an inventory of all the equipment you as a Group own and are responsible for. If you have any issues with storage, let us know and we could arrange space at Storage Inn. 


Where the core activity of your group requires the need for regular safety audits (i.e. rowing, Mountaineering & Climbing), please make sure you get in touch with us so we can help support this and ensure accurate and up to date records are maintained. Wear and tear of equipment is part of the expected life cycle. Where possible, we would expect committees to consider this within your annual Student Group Funding application, however, in cases where this has not been possible or where there has been in year wear and tear, please get in touch with us as we have an allocated health and safety budget for this purpose.