Each year from April to May, the Students’ Union facilitates the election process for all student group committee positions. Committee members play a key role in the running of our groups, including core activities, events, fundraising, and much more. Importantly, they also make sure that groups are inclusive, respectful, and driven.

If you are a fully paid, standard member of the student group in question and a current RHUL student then you are eligible to run for a committee position. You can run by nominating yourself using the online survey on the SU website, which will become available at the beginning of the nominations period. 

All Student Groups must elect their own leadership, who will be accountable to the Union and its members for the success and good conduct of the group. These leaders (committee members) are responsible for ensuring that their group: 


  • Is run democratically (e.g. the majority of its voting committee roles are elected, and there is an elected President) 

  • Accounts for its finances (e.g. there is an elected role specifically designated as Treasurer)

  • Keeps accurate records of its activity (e.g. there is an elected role specifically designated as Secretary) 

  • Acts in line with the aims stated at the time of its ratification (i.e. the committee regularly communicates its activities with its members).

The key dates for this year's elections are:

  • 5 April 10am - Nominations open
  • 3 May 11:59pm - Nominations close
  • 6 May 4pm - Manifesto deadline
  • 7 May 12pm - Voting opens
  • 9 May 12pm -Voting closes
  • 10 May 4pm - Results published
  • *10 June - 18 September - Co-options for remaining positions