Every year, we will need to onboard your coaches - even if they have done this before. Without completing this process annually, we will not be able to pay their invoices and they may receive parking fines.


We require the following information from your coaches in order to make their contracts:

  • Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address
  • Coaching Qualifications
  • DBS, First Aid, Public Liability Insurance
  • Car Details
  • Proof of Bank Details (screenshot of online banking would be fine)
  • UTR number

We then require the following information from you in order to make their contracts:

  • Coach name and email address
  • Sessions to be coached
  • Rate of pay per hour / session
  • Maximum hours per week

This information needs to be submitted using this form - and must be completed by both coaches and committee members.

Summer 2024

You and your coaches will need to fill out the registration form by 1 September so we can get their contracts sent out to them in time for training to begin. If you do not fill in the forms in time, you will have to wait to the next round of coaching registration in Term 2. So to ensure your coaches get paid please complete the necessary forms. 


Once the registration form has been completed, we will be able to begin onboarding your coaches. We will get a contract sent out to your coach outlining the information provided on the form. The contract will run from the beginning of the academic year to the end of term two. A new contract will be created every academic year, so even if your coach has signed one in the past, they will need to sign one again. 

At the point of sending out the contract, we will also register their car to park on campus until the end of the academic year. They should not park their car on campus until receiving confirmation as they will be fined, and there will be nothing we can do to resolve this.

Once the contract is signed, we will be able to pay any invoices they submit for their sessions. 

We will also send them the Coach Information Pack and the Coach Code of Conduct.


We aren’t able to process any coach invoices until they have signed their contracts. Then to submit invoices, they will need to send them to you so you can review it and make sure everything is correct. Once you’re happy with it you will need to submit it to the Student Opportunities team via a purchase request form

You will need to make sure the invoice has all of the information outlined on the invoice checklist and it will paid by the due date outlined on the invoice, providing it was submitted with two weeks’ notice and it had all of the information listed on the checklist. If you have submitted an invoice without the required information it will delay payment.