Every student group has their own group google account! The account ends in @royalholloway.su and appears on your group webpage so people can contact you there. It's where the Student Opportunities team will contact you, as well as other teams in the Students' Union or the University if there are any opportunities for you to get involved in so staying logged in and up to date with them is very important. 

How do you access them?

All Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers would be emailed the login details around July with the login details so you can start filling out the key group admin tasks for the summer. In June, the passwords will get reset so that previous committee members can no longer access the accounts and Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers will get sent the new login details again. It is then their responsibility to share the login details with the remaining committee members.

Once you have the login details, head to the Google sign in page, enter in the details and there you go! 

Issues logging in?

Sometimes committee members may experience some issues when logging in, here's some help on what to do:

  • Have you lost or forgotten the password? Check your emails for the email from the Student Opportunities team containing your password. If you still can't find it then fill out the access request form.
  • New to the committee so don't have the password yet? Fill out the access request form.
  • Is it asking you to enter a phone number or email address that you do not recognise? Then fill out the access request form and in the notes section explain the situation. We will remove the information so you can login.
  • Is it saying the password has been changed? Make sure you are using the most up to date password. If you're not sure then fill out the access request form and explain in the notes section so we can confirm the correct password or set a new one.
  • Is there another login challenge that is preventing you from logging in? First check if it works if you are using the campus Wi-Fi or VPN If it still doesn't then you will need to fill out the access request form and explain in the notes section, and let us know when you would be at your phone / computer to login (please be realistic and give us a variety of dates/times over the course of the week). We will then be able to disable the login challenge, but it only works for 10 minutes at a time - hence why we need to know when you will be at your computer ready to login. Once you've logged in once - you won't need to do this again. 

What else can my google account do?

  • Google Drive - your group's Google Drive will have various shared files from the Student Opportunities team including your finance information and balances as well as your general risk assessment and constitution. It is also a useful place to store any group information including event proposals, meeting minutes, plans for the term, sponsorship agreements and more. It means that everything is kept in one place, can easily be accessed and will be useful for future committees!
  • Subscriptions - if you have any group subscriptions e.g. for Zoom or Adobe then you should use this email address for the account to make it easy for committee members to access, and it a better option for the future as committee members change each year!
  • Other google functions - there are multiple things that you can do with your Google account to make student group planning and organisation easier. For example, there is a shared calendar that you could use to plan your activity, google forms for gathering information from members, google meet for committee meetings, jamboard to make your zoom calls more interactive and more!