What is the fund?

Royal Holloway Students’ Union are dedicated to becoming more sustainable and putting the environment at the forefront of what we do. As part of this, RHSU wants to encourage student groups to do the same and so the Sustainability Fund is to support student groups who are actively looking to become more sustainable. This can be through specific initiatives or projects they are working on, schemes they are going to take part in to offset their carbon footprint or if they just want to purchase more sustainable products for their events and activities. This fund is to give student groups the resources they need to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

What can we apply for funding for?

Student groups can apply for up to £150 per year and applications can be submitted all year round, however as the fund pot is limited, once the funds for that year have been allocated, any future applications will need to wait until the following academic year. All applications must be based on at least one of the following below principles and are encouraged to show evidence of utilising the Student Group Sustainability Guide throughout their application:

  1. Costs involved in making an event or activity more environmentally sustainable 

  2. Activities or events that are aimed to engage students in action around the climate emergency

  3. Activities or events that educate students on issues relating to sustainability 

  4. Projects or initiatives that directly address a specific environmental problem 

When can we apply?

Applications are open throughout term two. There is a limited pot so once funds are spent, applications will be closed until the next academic year.

How do we apply?

Fill out this application form at any point during term two

The applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the Student Opportunities Manager, VP Societies & Sport, the Sports Coordinator and Societies Coordinator 

A decision will be made within 2 weeks’ of the application being submitted.

If we're successful, what happens next?

The funding will be paid into your student group account and must be spent before the end of the academic year unless otherwise agreed. 

All successful applicants must complete an impact report (template attached) once the funds have been spent / at the end of your project or initiative.