Team Entries

Each year in Term 3, we enter teams into the BUCS and LUSL leagues. We will ask you about team entries when the dates are released, you must let us know what teams you would like to enter, as we will not automatically enter any teams without confirmation from the club. Once you've missed the deadline, unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

Funding Team Entries

The funding this year is based on a tiered membership model. This means that depending on the number of members your club had in 2023/24, you will receive a different amount of funding. The model is as follows:

Number of membersFunding 


  • Funding should be put towards your team entries as a whole, the SU will not be funding any specific team in particular
  • Individual team membership prices should not be adjusted based on SU funding of team entries. E.g. you can’t put the funding from the SU towards their 1st teams and then their 2nd and 3rd teams have higher membership prices to reflect their entry costs. 
  • LUSL should be a lower commitment and ability opportunity for alternative teams, rather than the same teams entered into BUCS. Where a club enters the same team into BUCS and LUSL, this should be covered by club funds.
  • Where a club has no BUCS or LUSL team offering, they are able to apply for funding through the annual Student Group Funding process. 
  • In 2022/23, the maximum funding to be put towards a single BUCS team entry is £95, and £108 for LUSL.

Adding / Removing Teams

If you want to enter an additional team or into BUCS or LUSL, or remove a team for the next academic year, then submit a ticket on Freshdesk so we can have a conversation and discuss next steps!

If you decide to remove a team between the team entry stage and before fixtures begin, then your club will incur a fine. After this, you are unable to remove a team from the league and will accumulate walkovers through the season. This will end with more fines and league relegation. 

Once the team entry process is complete in June, you are unable to enter any additional BUCS teams. There might be the possibility to add a LUSL team but it will depend on the league.

Individual Entries & One-Off Events

If you enter BUCS / LUSL competitions as individuals rather than a team, or you enter one-off events rather than the league structure then you will need to use BUCS Play to enter.

You should then fill in the competition form here. A member of the Student Opportunities team will then need to approve your entry, so make sure to give us at least two weeks’ notice so we can make sure someone is available to approve the entry. 

If you do not notify us and let us know what competition you are entering and who is entering it (plus their category) we will not automatically accept your entries. So please do notify us.

You can read more about these type of competitions here.


You can apply for funding to support these entries during the annual Student Group Funding processes.