Where has the Executive come from?

The Societies, Sport & Opportunities (SSO) Executive were implemented in academic year 2019/20 alongside the Education Executive and the Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive. They were one of the changes to come out of the Democracy Review conducted in 2018; a review that engaged students across the campus in various consultations, culminating in a referendum in which students voted to change the SU constitution.

The Executives have developed out of a long-standing tradition of creating a platform for students to hold Sabbatical Officers to account and input into discussions on policy. Prior to the Executives you know today, the SU ran Student Councils and, before that, all student meetings. These meetings were run throughout the year but students did not engage; with around five students at any one meeting, it was unsurprising that meaningful discussion could not take place.

Student Executives replaced these ineffective meetings to ensure that some of the most engaged and informed students could work alongside Officers, holding them to account, supporting in their respective area, and checking on progress continually.

Who are they?

The SSO are a committee of 10 student representatives, elected by all student group members. They are all current committee members of a variety of societies, sports clubs, and media outlets, so are in a great position to be supporting the VP Societies & Sport in implementing positive change and development for all our student groups.

What do they do?

They are responsible for the development, scrutiny and maintenance of policy and plans in their area, identifying where work should be undertaken.

But what does that mean? Well, here is a list of some of the things they do:

  • Ratify new student groups (This includes acting as the impartial decider in issues of crossover and duplication in groups)
  • Approve the process for the annual allocation of student group funding
  • Holds the VP Societies & Sport accountable for their manifesto
  • Champion the development of the VP Societies & Sport manifesto
  • Support the democratic functions related to student groups
  • Advise the Sabbatical Officers on issues relating to the success of student groups
  • Run campaigns that are key to the development and success of student groups#

How do you get involved?

To keep up to date with what the SSO are up to, you can read the minutes of the meetings on the SU website here.

The SSO is an elected committee, voted on by the student body. Elections take place for this role in Term 3, ready for the following year. Keep an eye on the SU website for nominations opening, submit your manifesto, and wait to see if you are successful.