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Mental Health Awareness Training

Student Group Wellbeing workshop

Monthly Wellbeing Secretary Check-ins

Wellbeing Secretary committee cafe

Mental Health in Sports

Monthly Wellbeing Secretary Check-ins

Monthly Wellbeing Secretary Check-ins

All year round: Monthly Wellbeing Secretary Check-ins

Mental Health Awareness Training

As part of Student Group Training and Development sessions, we will hold a Mental Health Awareness training session which all student leaders can attend. The session aims to help reduce the stigma around mental health, and to help empower students to create open discussions and an inclusive environment for people to be able to talk about their own mental health experiences. The session also covers how prevalent mental health is in universities, symptoms you may spot in your student group, some useful signposting resources, and what you can do in your role. 

Student Group Wellbeing Workshop: This session is aimed at any committee member who wants to develop their skills in having difficult conversations about wellbeing, setting boundaries and knowing where to go if they have any wellbeing related concerns. Delivered by the Advice and Student Opportunities teams

Date: Monday 4 December 2023 at 11am

Location: Queens-170

Wellbeing Secretary Committee Cafe

Committee cafes are a space where committee members are able to support each other, peer to peer. Sometimes having a fellow Wellbeing Secretary to confide in can make all the difference so the committee cafe will be a space where you can share tips and best practices, build a connection with those having similar experiences, and discuss potential collaborations on welfare focused events. 

There will be staff present to facilitate conversations and offer guidance as well to make sure you get the most out of the session as possible. 

Monthly Wellbeing Secretary Check-ins

The Student Opportunities team holds weeklycheck-ins available for committees to discuss any matters relating to their group. However, we realise that Wellbeing Secretaries may need to discuss matters in more detail, or need a space to just unload. So twe are introducing monthly check-ins specifically available for all welfare related roles where you can talk to a member of the Student Opportunities team. These will be on the last thursday of the month from 1-1.30pm upstairs in the Students' Union building.