End of Term Update - 25 Nov 2020

Post-Lockdown Activity

Even though the government has announced that the lockdown will end on the 2 December, in-person activity will not be able to resume for student groups. The Department for Education have issued guidance which states that in order to facilitate the travel window for students, all social and extra-curricular activities will not be able to restart after 2 December. Therefore, in-person student group activity as well as physical social events planned by the SU cannot resume until January 2021.

We know this might not be the news you wanted to hear but it is important that we prioritise the health of students, their families and the wider community. You can still hold virtual events to celebrate the end of term, but please make sure you are following all the guidance in place for returning home safely.


Test and Travel

As you have seen, the University announced that they will be facilitating testing on campus so students can return home for the holidays. This is a large-scale operation that has taken a lot of work to get organised. It is imperative that all students play their part, and we are looking to you all as leaders to share this information with your members to ensure that everyone is aware of this service. It would be great if groups can promote the test and travel information on social media, remind members at online events and direct them to the University if they have any concerns or questions. Every student will receive an email with their specific instructions but if you ever have any questions you can visit the University’s website devoted to testing. If you have any questions that are not answered on the College’s FAQs page, please do let us know and we will endeavour to find out an answer for you!

Testing is available to all students free of charge and is targeted at individuals who have no symptoms (asymptomatic). It’s not mandatory and it is up to the individual whether they book a test or not, but this is part of a wider scheme to reduce the risk to friends, family and peers. The booking system for the tests will open on Wednesday 25 November and the College will be emailing students once this has opened. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you will need to book a test via the NHS.


Term 2

We know you will all have questions about what Term 2 will look like and what you will be able to do. Unfortunately, we currently do not know what will be possible so we are asking for a little bit of patience from you. Once the government announcements have been considered by all relevant parties both in the Students’ Union and the University, we will know more and we will update you as soon as we can. We are planning to send out an email on 4 December with a further update on plans for Term 2, so please keep an eye out for this as it will be invaluable for your Term 2 planning!