Student Group Elections 2022

Hi all,

We’re just getting in touch regarding Student Group Elections! These are the elections where committee members for the following academic year are chosen. This is an important time for your group and to ensure the future success of it! Remember, without a committee there is no group, which means your society/club/media outlet can go dormant. So it’s super important you read through the information below as well as making a note of the key dates for this year!

These are the key dates for this year:

-Nominations open: 4th April 10am

-Nominations close: 29th April 12pm

-Manifesto deadline: 2nd May 4pm

-Voting opens: 3rd May 10am

-Voting closes; 5th May 12pm

-Results published: 5th May 4pm

Attached to this email you should find an excel spreadsheet that includes all the positions we have listed to go into elections (from your constitution and our committee database). Please could you check through and ensure everything is correct? Anything highlighted in blue means it’s a role that’s not elected.

The deadline to let us know about any changes is the 27th March. Any changes after then will not be accepted so please ensure to check them asap and get back to us.

If your group is not on the list please also let us know. However, please bear in mind that if your group is newly ratified you will receive a separate email from Alex Parry (VP Socs&Sport) about the future plans of your group.

A couple of important bits!

-Please note that all elections for the next academic year are done through the SU website; including nominations and voting. Any elections not following this process will not be valid.

-Only current RHUL students (and current students for the next academic year) are able to nominate themselves. They will also have to had purchase the standard membership to your group.

-At a minimum, to avoid the group going dormant, groups must have a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Kind regards,

Student Opportunities Team

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