Student Opportunites Team Update - 01 Sep 2021

Over the last few months, the Student Opportunities team has had a number of changes and some new starters. So who’s who?

Student Group Support

Alex Parry, VP Societies & Sport – Your elected representative who will campaign and lobby on your behalf to ensure you get the best support and resource possible. Alex is also the main point of contact for committee conflict, starting a new group, group governance and democracy.

Laura Black, Senior Development Coordinator – Laura will be the main support for the development and growth of all societies, sports clubs and media outlets, as well as overseeing the Sports and Societies Administration Assistant and a number of projects that will help improve your committee experience.

Julia Saunders, Societies Administration Assistant – Previously the Student Opportunities Assistant, Julia will now be solely focusing on societies and media outlets and supporting them with their key administration processes as well as assisting with large scale events and productions.

Marta Barton-Navarro, Sports Administration Assistant – New to the team, Marta will be focusing on supporting sports clubs with their administration such as purchasing and kit, and they will also be responsible for all fixture administration. This means they’ll organise, rearrange and accommodate fixtures for teams.

Wider Student Opportunities Team

Rory Ford, Helpdesk Coordinator - Also new to the team, Rory will be overseeing the Helpdesk service and three Helpdesk Assistants who will be the first point of call for most Union queries. They will also be supporting the Opps team with a number of student group admin tasks such as expense claims, and will also be able to answer any queries you may have.

Alison Baker, Events & GIAG Coordinator – Returning from maternity leave, Alison is back to revamp the GIAG programme to provide opportunities for students on campus to get involved in a number of low cost activities. Alison also oversees Freshers’ Fair, Society & Colours Awards and taster sessions, and is also open to any ideas you may have for a GIAG event so make sure to get in touch!

Dan Curran, Deputy Head of Membership Support & Engagement – And lastly Dan, the Student Opportunities Manager and Deputy Head of Membership Support & Engagement, oversees our entire team as well as the Voice team in the Union. Dan gets involved in the larger scale projects such as Varsity and Elections, and is always available to support with any queries you may have.

How can you get in touch?

  • Freshdesk! You can get in touch with any member of the team by emailing or submitting a ticket on Freshdesk. If you use the Freshdesk portal, it’ll get directed quickly to the person most equipped to answer your question.
  • Drop-Ins – During term time, Alex and Laura will also be available at the Helpdesk on Mondays 3-4:30pm, and you can sign up to a meeting (either on Teams or at the Helpdesk) on Thursdays 2:30-4:30pm using the Calendly link here.