Taster Sessions Update 12.08.20

Hi all,

With summer well under way, it’s time to start thinking about the start of term and what that means for your student group -a big part of that is taster sessions! These are a great way to showcase your activity to prospective members and get Freshers’ involved in your group, and the Students’ Union will also be helping to promote the sessions so student groups get as much attention as possible! Taster sessions are not essential but are strongly advised.

This is your official heads up to let you know that taster session slots will be available to book on a first come, first served basis from 10am on Wednesday 18th August.

You can run your taster session however you wish, but a few options are:

A mini version of what you usually do within your group (e.g. a basic dance/singing class)

A social activity, not your group’s usual activity but still a chance for people to come along and find out about you (e.g. a quiz)

A simple meet and greet, for prospective members to come along and informally chat to your committee about who you are and what you do

Bear in mind that some students who come along may be fully aware of what you do and may have done something similar before, but some may have never been involved in the type of activity at all, so please do make sure you are able to accommodate everyone.

We will be sending an email to your society email address at 10am on Wednesday for you to book your taster session slot. There will be a variety of times and rooms available from Tuesday 21st September – Sunday 26th September. You’ll be allowed to book a 1 hour slot for your taster session and all details on how to book will be enclosed within that email. You will need to have a few options so please liaise with your other committee members beforehand and decide which days/times would be best for you.

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Hi all,


Booking is now open for your taster session slot. Please read the following information carefully before clicking the booking link:


- Please choose the most suitable date for your taster session and select this date from the link below.

- The number in brackets against each room/venue is the covid-safe capacity for that room/venue, allowing a 1 metre social distance as per college guidelines. Please select an appropriately sized room/venue for your group.

- You may choose ONLY ONE slot for your group’s taster session. This will be 1 hour long. Please do not book more than one, one hour slot. Make sure to speak to your committee so more than one slot isn’t accidentally booked.

- Please use your group name and group email when choosing your slot. Once selected, you will receive a booking confirmation email.

- If you need to change your slot after it’s been booked, please use your cancellation button on your booking confirmation email.



Please be aware that this is a penultimate draft - there's still the possibility of small changes. Please do not start advertising or getting anything printed until the final copy has been confirmed by the SU (in due course) via your group email address. Once the final copy has been confirmed, we will be sending flyers to print so no changes can be made and all sessions must go ahead as planned.


Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis. The deadline for being guaranteed a space for your taster session is next Thursday 26th August at 9am. Once this deadline has passed, we will see how much space is still available and considering reopening for any groups wanting to book a second slot across the week. But for now, please do not book more than one hour across the week.


Please choose your taster slot here


We can’t wait to see your taster sessions in action!


If you have any queries, please do let us know.


Many thanks,

Student Opportunities 

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