End of Year Update - 18 Jun 2021

Hi all,

We have now reached the end of the academic year and we hope you are all looking forward to a relaxing summer break!

Vacant Committee Positions

Following the running of the Term 3 by-election, we are excited to see more core committee roles have been filled, but we know some of your groups will still have some positions vacant.

Since the summer is outside of the academic year and groups do not have a membership base during this time, the way to fill vacant positions is via a co-option. This is where the elected committee is allowed to make executive decisions on behalf of the group in order to fill positions.

If you would like to run a co-option, all you need to do is:

  • Email VP Societies & Sport (VPSocSport@su.rhul.ac.uk) with your intent to hold a co-option, what positions you want to co-opt and the timeframe you will be co-opting within
  • Advertise what positions are available and when they need to submit their manifestos by (400 words max.)
  • Then your newly elected committee can review the applications and vote on who you would want to fill the role.
  • Confirm the successful candidates and ask them to complete the Access Request Form
  • Email VPSocSport@su.rhul.ac.uk and StudentOpportunities@su.rhul.ac.uk the results.

This process is also outlined on Freshdesk here.

Should any of your committee positions still be vacant by the start of the new academic year in September, they will automatically be put forward to the by-election being run in October. If this is the case, it will be your responsibility to encourage members in September to put themselves forward for the roles.

Student Group Training

Over the last two weeks, we have been running Student Group Training - a programme of compulsory and optional sessions that give you all the information and tools you will need to run your groups next year. Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you found it useful in getting ready for the year ahead! If you were able to make the sessions we’d be grateful if you could fill out the feedback form for the ones you attended (if you haven’t done so already!).

If you have missed any of the training sessions, you can access the recordings here. We would ask you to take a look at these, regardless of whether you have been on committee before, as there is a lot of important information that you need to be aware of.

Facebook Groups

Make sure to join our Facebook committee pages to receive up to date communication from the Student Opportunities team.

Societies and Media Outlets

Sports Clubs


As mentioned in training, we are reviewing the categories for sports clubs and societies used on the SU website. These categories are a useful tool for students and prospective students to search through the different student groups Royal Holloway has to offer. Please fill out the relevant form below by 25 June and let us know your thoughts on the categories we are proposing! Once everyone has fed back, we will review and reach out with the categories we will implement in time for September.


Sports Clubs

Any Questions?

Summer is a crucial time for you as newly elected committee to begin planning for the upcoming year ahead, and we would like to remind you that you are welcome to reach out to us at any time! You can either email us at studentopportunities@su.rhul.ac.uk, or sign up to a meeting with us here.

Best wishes,

Student Opportunities