Your Summer To-Do List!

First of all, familiarize yourself with your role and the processes you will have to be aware of for the upcoming year! If you didn't attend training or need a refresher, don't forget you can watch all of the training sessions here

Next, what do you need to work on during this summer in preparation for Fresher's? 

  • Productions & Large Scale Events in SU Venues: If you are planning on hosting a production or a large scale event in one of the SU venues you will need to submit an event proposal for this before the 1 August. This is to ensure we can distribute the space available amongst groups. If you miss this deadline you might miss out on the opportunity to host your event! So please ensure you stick to the given deadlines.
  • Budget forms: You can find your group's budget form on the Google drive in the shared with me section. This document should be filled as a committee, to plan and budget for the year ahead. Remember your budget should cover your costs, so you shouldn't be ending in deficit! Remember this is a helpful guidance document, we don't expect the costs you write in there to be the exact costs throughout the year, it's more to help you get an idea on what to expect and ahead thinking if you will need to apply for funding! You can read the full guide here. The deadline to complete your budget form is the 12 August.
  • Code of Conduct: This year we introduced the new code of conduct. This should be signed off by the committee. You will find this document in your google drive shared with me section. You are able to add or modify anything that might be more specific to your group. The deadline for any changes is the 12 August, point after which the document will be locked and any changes will have to go through the VP Societies & Sports.
  • General Risk AssessmentWe have also introduced a new template for your general risk assessment. The general risk assessment should cover all the risks for your usual activities. You can read more about GRA in detail here. You will find your group's GRA in the shared with me section on your google drive. You will have until the 12 August to create your general risk assessment. If you do not complete your general risk assessment in time you will not be able to run any activities in Term 1. So please ensure you get it done in time. 
  • Constitutions: Your group's constitution should be found also in your shared with me section. You should have a look through it and revise if you want to make any changes: e.g. add/change any committee roles, change the duties of a role, etc. You can read up on constitutions and how to make constitutional changes here. Same as with the other documents, you will have until the 12 August to update it. 
  • Co-opt committee members: If you have unfilled committee positions, you can co-opt to get people in these roles, As a reminder, you have until the 15 August to ensure you have all 3 core roles filled (President, Treasurer, Secretary/Vice President). If you have not filled these 3 core positions, your group will unfortunately become dormant. Non-core roles can also be filled during this time. If you're unsure on what a co-option is read this Freshdesk article,
  • Coaching registrationTo onboard your coaches for the new year, both the coach and a committee member need to fill in the Coaching Registration Form by the 1 September. This will allow us to send your chosen coach their contract for the year. No contract means your coach cannot be paid, so please remember to register your coaches. This is a firm deadline. If you miss this deadline you will have to wait until the following term to register your coaches. So if you want your coaches to get paid, get them registered! You can read more about coaching here.

If you have any questions or need some extra help just submit a ticket on Freshdesk or email us on