For your own safety, as well as making your lives easier, we would really encourage you to try to avoid taking cash. Instead you should try to make use of the website buttons and take money electronically – it’s a really easy process.

However, where taking cash in unavoidable for you in the circumstances, here’s what you need to know:

  • Be mindful that carrying large sums of cash is a risk, so please make sure that cash handling is included in all risk assessments to minimise the risk of theft or misplacing any funds.
  • Any cash must be deposited to the Union Helpdesk by 4pm on the day of the event, or first thing the next morning (we’re open from 9am).
  • You’ll need to complete a Paying in Form and bring a printed copy with your cash.
  • We’ll take care of the rest and you’ll see the credit in your account’s funds in no time!

If you are transferring money via bank transfer, the details are as follows:

  • Name: Students' Union Royal Holloway
  • Sort Code: 20-81-11
  • Account Number: 50746150
  • Reference: Student Group - Account (i.e. Other, Restricted, Social)

It's important to include the name of your group, otherwise we won't be able to track the funds. And make sure to drop us a ticket on Freshdesk so we can keep an eye out for the money coming in.