If you are looking to spend over £100, you will need to fill out a Purchase Request Form. The Student Opportunities team will then place the order for you. This will be done within two weeks of the form being submitted, so please ensure that you make the request in plenty of time.

It is important that you don’t place orders, enter into contracts or make any commitments before submitting the purchase request form. Only RHSU staff are authorised to enter into contract agreements (including placing orders) on behalf of the organisation (and by extension our student groups). If we receive invoices that have not followed the correct process and your group doesn’t have the funds to cover this, the individual who placed the order may be held liable for the cost. That’s an avenue we never want to go down.

Please note, items or experiences that benefit only the committee, e.g. committee t-shirts, cannot be processed as group expenses. These are individual costs and must not be claimed from any student group account, so please don’t try it!

Always check you have enough money in your accounts - we're unable to process any payments without sufficient funds in your account.