As part of a student group, we understand that sometimes finances become an issue, and can even prevent any growth and development. One of our aims at the Students' Union is to support your groups' progression, which is why we have funding opportunities available throughout the year (you can read all about them here).

In this article we will be talking about Support Funding. Support funding applications open when the group's membership has been active for around 8 weeks. This should allow enough time for committees to more accurately project the group's income and expenditure for the rest of the year.

This funding takes place in Term One. Applications open during October and close in November. It's important to note that despite the applications taking part in Term One, the money will be allocated at the end of Term One, so this funding should not be taken as aid for any term one activities.

This year's application dates are:

Applications open: 24 October 2022

Applications close: CLOSED

To apply please click here. 

There are some requirements to being able to apply for funding. The eligibility requirements are:

  • The group should be ratified by the Students' Union.
  • The 3 core committee roles (President, Treasurer and Secretary/Vice President) should be filled.
  • The group should contain a sustainable number of members.
  • The committee will have discussed the funding request and be in agreement with the application.
  • If the group has a historical deficit, the student group must have a working Deficit Management Plan in place.
  • The group must have adhered to the published deadlines and completed a comprehensive application form within the timeframe given.
  • You must also have filled in your budget form over the summer. If not you will need to fill in a budget form provided below.

The process to apply for support funding will be:

  1. First you will need to check if your group is eligible to apply for the funding. You can read about the eligibility above or in the Student Group Funding Framework document.
  2. The committee will need to fill in the application form with the help of
    1. Student Group Funding Framework funding principles and
    2. Criteria (Appendix 1) 
  3. Once the deadline has closed, the application will go to a panel where a decision will be taken. The decision will be based on the criteria and funding principles and applying them to the submission.
  4. Once the panel has reached a decision, the applicants will receive an email. This year, decision emails will be sent the week of 05 December 2022.

This funding is awarded at the start of December, so it should not be relied upon for the running of the group in Term 1. Any money not spent by the end of the academic year will be reclaimed by the Students' Union. This money will go into your groups' grant account.

All decisions are final and made by a panel composing of x2 Sabbatical officers, x2 SSO members, and x3 members of permanent of staff. There is no appeals' process available and any emails regarding this will be met with the same response.