Covid-19 Update: You will need to make sure you check out our latest updates on what activity is and isn't permitted, and whether you would be able to host any activity in person before requesting any space. 

Academic Rooms

Rooms Available:

You can book the below rooms between 18:30 to 22:00, Monday to Friday until the end of term three:


Arts LT1

McCrea 0-04

McCrea 0-34

McCrea 1-16

Arts LT2

McCrea 0-15

McCrea 1-13

McCrea 1-17

Arts LT3

McCrea 0-16

McCrea 1-14

McCrea 1-18

McCrea 0-03

McCrea 0-33

McCrea 1-15

McCrea 2-01

Key Information:

  •  Indoor activity is subject to the rule of six, so you can only have up to six people in a room at a time
  • You must remain socially distanced whilst in the rooms
  • The tables in the room cannot be moved, which means you won’t be able to use the seminar rooms for physical activity. You are able to use the front space of the lecture theatres
  • The lecture theatres will be reserved for groups needing space for physical activity such as rehearsals
  • You will need to collect a cleaning kit from the SU on the day of your booking (before 4pm) and return it the following day before the Helpdesk closes at 4pm. There’s guidance in the kit on how to clean each room before and after use.
  • The arts building is also being used as a quiet study space for students who don’t have any other place to study for their exams or coursework, so please make sure to be respectful of those around you and keep the noise down!
  •  As with term one, people will need to book a slot for the session either using the activities management system (if open to members only) or through a button on your webpage. This is for track and trace purposes, but also to manage the capacity of the space.

Booking a room:

All you need to do is fill out an event proposal and risk assessment form, requesting your preferred academic room and we’ll get it booked in for you! If your preferred room is not available, we will book the next most similar room and let you know what room has been booked. 

Please also read through the Cleaning Kits section of the guidance document to understand what equipment you will receive from us when using academic rooms and what you need to do.

When using academic rooms you must also adhere to the Terms of Use document at all times. 

For all academic rooms, you must not move the tables or chairs under any circumstances. 


SU Venues

The SU Venues (incl. Tommy's Kitchen, Packhorse and Medicine) are available for groups to use, and the venues team are keen to support student groups as much as possible. All they ask is for plenty of notice (at least three or four weeks) and ideas! If you're interested in working with them, whether that be a standard social, a pub quiz, a craft evening or an open mic night then let us know! All you need to is submit your event proposal and risk assessment with your idea and we’ll let the trading team know so they can get supporting you. If you’re just wanting to get together with your members and book a few tables at the Packhorse or Medicine, then make sure to book a table via the relevant links as well as submitting an event proposal. 

Sports Centre

If you wish to use the Sports Centre for any one off activity then please fill out the event proposal form following the same process outlined in the Freshdesk Article. In addition to this, please also fill out the Sports Centre booking form. We will then reach out to the Sports Centre team and request this space for you. The space in the Sports Centre facilities is extremely limited this term, especially inside, and may come with a charge.


Outdoor Space

Founders Field will be available to use in term but it won’t be a bookable space. You’ll be able to show up and use whatever space is free to use. 



Unfortunately, the library will be unavailable to book this year. As time goes on and guidelines change this will be reviewed. We will make sure to keep you updated!