If you're wanting to put on an event, all you need to do is submit an event proposal and attach a risk assessment (template attached below).

You need to fill out the form for all of your events from boat parties and guest speakers to performances and socials, your weekly meetings and your one-off fundraisers - this form is for everything! It also helps give us an idea of what you're planning and if there is anything we need to do to support. This can range from arranging a venue, helping with booking tickets, paying an invoice, getting equipment moved etc. There are loads of ways we can support you, so have a a think and make sure to put it on the form. 

Need tickets for the event? You can also arrange this directly on the event proposal form, there's no need to submit a website button request form on top of this!

Not sure what to put on your risk assessment? Don't worry, on the template itself there are examples of the risks we are looking for and attached below is a guidance document to help get you started. 

Does your event involve signing a contract with a third party company? Remember you can't sign the contract yourself, as then only you would be liable rather than your group. Instead submit it alongside your event proposal and a member of the SU staff can enter the agreement on behalf of your group. 

Where are you holding your event? check out this Freshdesk article to check the different booking processes for various locations. 

Please submit your event proposal and risk assessment at least 2 weeks’ before your event. We will not be able to approve any events submitted with less than 2 weeks notice. Your event will not be able to go ahead until you have received full approval from the Student Opportunities team. We’ll either email you with confirmation or ask for a few more details. (Guest Speakers need 4 weeks' notice as per the guest speaker policy, and large scale events in the SU venues require 6 weeks' notice).