Groups need to fill out an event proposal form and risk assessment for all activity that they deliver. Check out this flowchart to get a good understanding of what you need to do in order to put on an event this term. 

  1. Read the Student Group Activity & Risk Assessment Guidance document before planning anything as this contains all information you need to know about putting on a covid-19 secure event from risk assessments, number caps and track and trace to cleaning kits and sharing equipment.  

  2. Read the government guidance that relates to your activity. This updates regularly so you need to make sure you check before planning each event. 

  3. If you’re wanting to book space on campus, read this Freshdesk article to check where is available to book and what you need to do.

  4. Have the following information ready:

    1. Who will be picking up and returning your cleaning kits if using an academic room?

    2. Who will be the person responsible for the event and ensuring it adheres to the risk assessment?

  5. Fill out your risk assessment (template attached below) - you will need to fill out both the Covid-19 risks and the activity specific risks sections. There is some guidance on filling this out in the guidance linked above, and also some activity-specific guidance attached below. 

  6. Fill out your event proposal form, and attach your risk assessment. 


The event proposal form is also an opportunity to identify any areas where you would like support from the Student Opportunities team. This can range from arranging a venue, help with booking tickets, paying an invoice, getting equipment etc. There are loads of ways we can support you, so have a think and make sure to put it on the form. 


Please submit your event proposal and risk assessment at least 2 weeks’ before your event. We will not be able to approve any events submitted with less than 2 weeks notice. Your event will not be able to go ahead until you have received full approval from the Student Opportunities team. We’ll either email you with confirmation or ask for a few more details. (Guest Speakers need 4 weeks' notice as per the guest speaker policy).


Track and Trace

Please read the activity guidance document to see how track and trace will be implemented for all group activity. For every event you will need a button set up on your student group webpage and anyone who wishes to attend will need to sign up using that button. 


If you are hiring a venue or your event requires entering into a contract with a third party provider then you must follow the steps outlined on this Freshdesk article

Summer Events

In any normal year the student opportunities team would not provide support for events and activities after the end of term 3. This is because ordinarily there isn’t any appetite from groups to do anything over the summer, combined with the fact that we only have a very small staff team who will be taking their annual leave over the summer and unable to support ongoing group activity. So if you are thinking of events and activities after June 11th we need to hear about them but they must satisfy the guidance below:

Events and activities must:

  • Be a third party organised event that the members individually buy tickets to
  • Be supported by any NGB or sporting council linked to the group/event (if relevant)
  • Must not carry any financial burden for the group around the event organisation or have any part to play in the running of the activity
  • The event must have a covid cancellation process in place
  • Have a website or statement showing that the event is to go ahead under the government issued guidance

If you have any questions about these types of activities please get in contact with the opportunities team through Freshdesk.