During the year a role might need to be filled where an online or in-room election is not the best course of action. This will likely be due to the timing and relevance of the role or if it falls outside of term time and has no large electorate for voting.


Common areas for this to happen are:

  • Student group committees after May elections (too close to the end of term).
  • Collective roles not filled in May (too close to the end of term).
  • Academic roles not filled during October elections and have low interest. 
  • Any roles that become vacant towards the end of Term 3 or over the summer.


Normally a President, Treasurer or Secretary role cannot be filled by this method except in the summer break (July and August) where no electorate exists and the main aim is to get the group functional for planning.


If you wish to fill one of the roles in your committee and isn't close to an election period of May or October then you can run a co-option.


Co-option process

In order to fill a position via co-option the process is as follows:


Advise the relevant Assistant Returning Officer (Student Opportunities Manager) and sabbatical officer and agree the following:


  • Positions to be co-opted
  • Group/s or Cohort to be notified
  • Communication to prospective candidates (all members valid)
  • Timeframe for co-option


Then proceed with the below steps or ensure that the group is auctioning them:


  • Ask all interested candidates to respond with a brief outline to why they would like a position
  • If only one person stands for the role and the committee are happy, they can be co-opted without further discussion
  • However, if more than one person expresses an interest in the role, the new committee will need to decide via a vote who should be successful. The steps are as follows:
    • Ask all interested people to email in with 400 words max, stating why they think they will be good for the role.
    • The person organising the election should then collate all of these for each candidate and send them out to all current elected individuals. 
    • The panel deciding should then read through them all and vote on who they think should fill each available role, in an appropriate meeting.
    • The person organising the election should ensure the panel reach a consensus and then notify the winner.
    • Once the role has been decided, please make the relevant staff aware so information can be recorded.