So you've got some roles on your committee and you want to fill them? Well let's chat co-option! Co-option is all about helping you get people into roles outside of the election period and giving members the opportunity to showcase why they want to help out; cool right? Don't worry, once that person is co-opted, we can help them get started! Just a quick note, this process mainly applies to roles outside of President, Secretary or Treasurer. Need help there? Drop us a ticket or email!

What's the process?

If you wish to fill one of the roles in your committee that is not President, Secretary or Treasurer and isn't close to an elections period of May or October (just so there isn't any confusion!) then you can run a co-option! To do this, the process goes as follows:

i.    Contact either VP Societies & Media ( or VP Sports ( depending on what type of group you are to let them know you wish to fill a committee position and provide a bit of detail why it's current vacant.

ii.    Once the VP has given the go ahead, the current President of your group, should email all current paid members and ask if anyone is interested in being co-opted into the vacant positions!

iii.    You should give them at least 48-hours to respond to you, asking them to briefly outline why they would like a position. This is similar to what someone may say in a hustings speech.

iv.    If only one person stands for the role and the committee are happy, they can be co-opted without further discussion: winner. However, if more than one person expresses an interest in the role, the new committee will need to decide via a vote who should be successful. The steps are as follows:

  1. Ask all interested people to email in with 400 words max, stating why they think they will be good for the role.
  2. The President should then collate all of these for each candidate and send them out to all current elected committee. 
  3. The committee should then read through them all and vote on who they think should fill each available role, in a committee meeting.

iv.    The President should ensure the committee reach a consensus and then notify the winner.

v.    Once the role has been decided, please contact us via Freshdesk with the individual's name, email address, position and group under 'committee changes'

If you have any questions, the key thing is to get in touch! We've had years of experience supporting elections, so are on hand to help with a range of queries.