Covid-19 Update

At the moment, due to current government guidelines around safe social distancing, we are unable to offer the Union Bus for hire to student groups. We are working on an alternative process, and will keep you updated about changes here.

What can I book a Bus for?

This sounds like an ominious question but as we only have 3 Buses, we prioritise the use for our Student Groups and for our Function Nights. This means, you might not always be able to access a bus, but don't worry, we can redirect to our recommended supplier, Kendall. We normally see Groups use the buses to get to away fixtures, events or activity that are in the local area. You can book to have a bus overnight if you are going on a trip, but make sure to let us know a while in advance. 

How do I book?

Firstly you need to have a driver who has been tested and authorised by the Students’ Union. See below. To save your time and ensure we capture all the key information, we've designed an online form for all Bus bookings. 

We need to know:

  • How long the vehicle is required (Union Buses must be returned by 21:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

  • Name of group

  • Destination

  • Name of driver (must have taken the Union Bus test)

  • Contact details

Don't forget, you need to make bookings one week in advance or for fixtures, latest midday on Friday before the Wednesday. 

We don't have a driver, can I still book a bus?

That's okay! We recommend that all groups look into Union Bus testing, but if you can't get a driver then select Union Bus Driver on the driver section of the form and we can try and find a driver for you although this isn’t guaranteed as it very much depends on availability of a limited pool of drivers

There's no Union Bus available. What do I do? 

Don’t worry! We work closely with an external company called Kendall Cars who can provide a minibus for your trip- get us! If a Union Bus isn't available, the Helpdesk team will get in touch and ask you to complete a different form. This will automatically be sent to Kendall who will confirm the booking with you directly.

We will then treat your booking the same as a Union Bus booking so there’s no extra hassle for you! We’ll arrange the bus drop off, key collection and even create a bus pack so you know what bus to use.

You must have a driver before completing the booking form. If you would like a Union Bus Driver then complete the Union Bus booking form and we can try and arrange a driver for you.

Bus Tests: am I eligible to drive?

As part of our safety and risk management, we test anyone who wants to drive the 9 seated Union Buses. The requirements to take the test are:

  • Full UK or EU driving license 

  • At least 1 year of driving experience

The test is there to increase your confidence in driving a larger vehicle, outline all of the responsibilites you need to be aware of and provide us with assurance you are safe to be put on our insurance. Check out the testing solution article to find out more information.

Oops, I need to cancel my booking

All Union Bus cancellations should be communicated to the SU Helpdesk on 01784 276700 or via email/ticket at least 24 hours before the booking is due to commence. We understand there will be occasions outside of your control (i.e. poor weather, cancellation by an opposing team) where you will not be able to provide us with 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. In these circumstances your Club or Society will only be charged the cost of two hours hire (£24). We have to charge this due to the loss of the Booking and for any staffing costs incurred. Where we are not notified of a cancellation, your Club or Society will be charged at the full hire cost. All Kendall bus cancellations must be communicated directly with Kendall on 01276 691972. 

How much does it cost?

The cost breakdown is listed below, so make a note in your budgets and check your Google Account before hiring:

  • £12 per hour

  • £40 per half day

  • £55 per full day

  • 30p per mile

  • £9.67 per hour for a driver

Kendall Buses

The cost for a Kendall Bus is slightly different so be sure to check your Google Account before going ahead with the booking:

  • £51 for hire

  • £12.50 for delivery

  • £12.50 for collection

  • £19.80 per day for insurance cover

You must refuel the bus to the level you first started with

Sometimes there is already a Kendall Bus so you won’t be charged with delivery and collection fee- winner!

Driver Responsibilities

There are a number of responsibilities involved in driving the Union Bus. Please familiarise yourself with the following solution article before driving the buses. In summary, by law you must not:

  • Carry any unopened alcohol on board

  • Smoke inside the vehicle (including hanging your head out of the window)

  • Carry more than the designated number of passengers (more than 8)

  • Use a mobile phone whilst driving

You must:

  • Ensure that seatbelts are used by all passengers.

As well as legal action against the driver, any club or society found to be in breach of any of the above is liable to face internal disciplinary, including pecuniary fines and bans from using transport services.

Union Bus Tracking

All drivers should be aware that there are tracking devices installed in the buses. This tracks things such as speeding, location, idling behaviour and crash detection.