Student Group Training is the big training period during which we train the newly elected committees for the following academic year. These training sessions have all the key information you need to run your group and ensure your group has a productive and fun year! It's also the perfect opportunity to get to know the SU team as well as ask any burning questions you may have.

Some of the training sessions are role-specific, but others are open to all committee members and present an amazing opportunity to get involved and learn the best way to handle your group.

Missed the live version, or just need to brush up on some facts? Take a look at the slides from the sessions below! You can also watch our online Treasurer Training session below!

Running Your Student Group

This session covers some essential tasks and processes to be carried out over the summer that will enable your committee to hit the ground running for the 2023/24 academic year. It also contains a timeline of the key dates over the next few months and provides an overview of Governance and Democracy, Codes of Conduct, Freshdesk, Resource Booker, Google Drive, finances and events.

Introduction to Sports Clubs

This session introduces you to some of the more sport specific aspects of running your sports club, including facility allocation and fixtures, coaching, competitions, kit, and health & safety as well as providing an opportunity to meet both the Student Opportunities and Active Lifestyle & Sport (ALS) teams.  

Treasurer Training 

This session provides all treasurers with a detailed understanding of their responsibilities and the processes involved with student group finances. This includes how the different accounts work, how you can spend money using expense claims, invoices and purchase requests, and how money can be paid into your group account. This session will also go over how you can apply for funding from the Students’ Union, explain how to create a budget sheet and set your membership prices.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Training

This session covers ways that you can make your group accessible to all and how you can support and empower members from diverse backgrounds to get involved with your activities.