Student Groups receive annual training in May after being elected into their committee positions. This training focuses on the basic information they need to be successful in their roles. The purpose of the development sessions is to provide committee members with year-round training opportunities to help with the growth of your group and development of skills. These sessions can be delivered in a variety of formats from online interactive training, to in person workshops or pre-recorded videos, but all will be available to you if you're interested in attending! 

So what's coming up? Some details are still to be confirmed but this article will be updated as the year goes on and there will be updates in the Student Opportunities Newsletter and on the Teams channels. 

Mental Health Awareness Training: The Advice Centre will be delivering a Mental Health awareness training session to support you throughout your time this academic year and help you to feel confident in who to approach for support. The session will be interactive and engaging and give you the opportunity to take part in different activities to develop your knowledge and understanding of this important topic. 

Date(s): Tuesday 21 November 2023 at 2pm and Thursday 23 November 2023 at 10:30am 


Tuesday 21 November at 2pm EWD-104

Thursday 23 November at 10:30am Queens-170

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Student Group Wellbeing Workshop: This session is aimed at any committee member who wants to develop their skills in having difficult conversations about wellbeing, setting boundaries and knowing where to go if they have any wellbeing related concerns. Delivered by the Advice and Student Opportunities teams

Date: Monday 4 December 2023 at 11am

Location: Queens-170

Events and Fundraising Development TrainingOur Student Opportunities Coordinators will deliver a session that looks at how you can make your events anf fundraising activities bigger and better. Giving all of our committee members the top tips you need to ensure the success of your events.

Date: 14:00 - 16:00 18 January 2024

Location: Windsor-0-03

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Student Group Sustainability: As part of Student Group Sustainability week, this session will look at teaching students ways they can come more environmentally sustainable.

Date: tbc (February)

Location: tbc

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Current News in Higher EducationAlso part of the Academic Reps development sessions, there will be a session that looks at the Higher Education sector and what big news items within the sector there are that are good for student leaders to be aware of.

Date: February tbc

Location: tbc

Careers & EmployabilityThe Careers department will be delivering a session on careers and employability and the skills that student leaders have learnt that can help them post-graduation.

Date: tbc (end of Term 2)

Location: tbc

Legacy & Handovers: As the term draws to an end, this session will focus on how outgoing committee members can ensure to leave a legacy behind and the importance of a good handover.

Date: tbc (Term Three)

Location: tbc

And that brings us back to May where the Student Opportunities team will welcome our newly elected committee members and delivering our annual Student group Training!

Any Ideas?

Is there a specific training / development session that you would like us to deliver? Or maybe there's something that you're skilled in or that your student group is really good at, and you'd like to deliver your own and share some best practice? Get in touch and let us know by emailing !