When posting any videos online it is important to include captions for those with hearing impairments, learning disabilities, those who are neurodivergent and those who process information slightly slower.


Instagram has recently added a new feature where captions are auto generated so you don’t have to do a thing - all you have to do is press the captions button and they will appear for you.


Some digital sites aren't so handy and you do have to create the captions yourself, either by writing them out or by using free caption generating software which can easily be found online.


Try looking here:


When using captions make sure that all text is readable and doesn’t move around/vanish too quickly.


The same guidelines for social media posts regarding font and colour apply to captions as well when creating them yourself.


Captioning videos sounds complicated and scary, but it really isn't and it massively benefits loads of people who are viewing your content - it's definitely worth doing.