One of our main aims is to be Student Focused. We want Student Groups to be involved and inputting their ideas into function nights such as Toast, Flawless and POP! Featuring on a function night involves your student group using a designated space during the night (e.g. Tommy's Lounge) in order for you to fundraise, put on a small event, performance, DJ or anything your group is interested in. It is also a great way of raising awareness of your group, with over 1000 students attending each of our weekly function nights.


  • Takeover Tommy's Lounge with a third room of music
  • Put on a performance in the Students' Union outside Plaza
  • Make a fundraising area in Medicine by giving out glow sticks etc.
  • Put on a retro video games night in Tommy's Lounge using TVs of projectors.


How to do it:

  • You will need to plan this far in advance, usually before the start of each term
  • Get in contact with our venues team by submitting a Feature Proposal Form
  • The Venues team will then get in contact to arrange a meeting, in which they will discuss all the details with you and confirm a date
  • If you need help funding this activity, our venues team may be able to supply you with a small budget to support your groups' event
  • The Venues team will help you deliver it, from adding the event to the website, assist with any equipment you may require or simply giving you advice/recommendations. However, a lot of the hard work will be down to you!
  • On the day of the event, you will get a reserved space for your group. Arrive well before the event time to ensure you are setup before doors open and liaise with the duty manager on shift should you need any assistance.