So you want to run a Social? This an amazing opportunity for your Group to get together, to include all members in your activity and put on something fun. But to make sure you as committee leaders support your members, especially to be inclusive of different backgrounds and cultures, make sure you check out our Socials Policy fully and share it with the membership of your group to ensure you’re all on the same page.

It sounds simple but making everyone feel comfortable and involved in an inclusive atmosphere is crucial to both the culture of RHSU and for you to both attract and retain members. Believe it or not but this is the area where we see most issues year on year and we have seen many productive and effective groups go from having a great year to one that turns very sour. And in some of the worst cases can cause the group to fold. Something that none of us want to see happen.

Socials can be free of charge, act as a fundraiser or be a ticketed event: you've got all the options. We've seen so many creative socials over the years, from Slumber Parties to Spa Days to Themed Activities- so give anything a go. Need some help on what to consider an event? Check out the Events Proposal form, and we can get involved in where needed. Don't forget, if you need to charge a price for members, we can put a ticket up so this can be done online.


And don’t forget the SU’s own Give it a Go termly programme of events – it may be that you see something planned that would be a good bonding experience for your group to attend together.