This year one of our big focuses is on becoming more sustainable! As part of this, we want to work with student groups to empower them to also become more sustainable and have a more positive impact on the environment. So we're running a Student Group Sustainability Month throughout January. Here's what to expect:

Sustainability Fund Launch

This year we are launching the Sustainability Fund so student groups can apply for funding to put towards their sustainability initiatives. Applications run throughout all of term two and can be used for specific projects, schemed to offset carbon footprint of events, purchasing more sustainable products, campaigns to spread awareness on the climate emergency and more! Want to apply? Check out this Freshdesk article! 

Sustainability Award Launch

At Society Awards and Colours Ball, a new award will be introduced: the Sustainability Award! This award will be to recognise a student group that have actively worked towards becoming more environmentally sustainable, going above and beyond to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment. Check out the criteria here.

Student Group Pledges

Throughout term two, we are encouraging student groups to make a pledge on what they intend to do to become more sustainable and share this on social media. We'll be sending round a template you can use, using the hashtags #RHSUstainable #WeWill. So have a think about what you can do to improve the environmental sustainability of your student group.

Sustainability Focused Events

There are a number of events aimed at sustainability for you to get involved in and promote with your members:

  • 19 January 1-3pm - Give It A Go: Grow a mini-veg garden 
  • 24 January 1-3pm - Give It A Go: Decorate a bug hotel crafternoon
  • Enactus are running a thrift sale in their campaign against fast fashion which has a huge carbon footprint on the world on the 6 February, but you can donate clothes throughout all of January at the SU Helpdesk so make sure to get involved! The profits will be going to...

Running your own sustainability-focused event? Let us know and we'll promote it for you!  

Resources, Training & Information

There are a number of resources as well as a training session to help equip you with the knowledge to make your student group more sustainable!

  • Student Group Sustainability Development Session - this training session will be led by our Sports Coordinator, Marta Barton-Navarro and will look at providing you with the necessary information on becoming more sustainable
  • Student Group Sustainability Guide - This guide is  designed to help  student  groups  be  conscious  of  their  carbon  footprint and  boost  their  environmental  sustainability,  with  the  focus  on  planning  events  that  reduce  or  eliminate  greenhouse  gas  production. Check it out here.
  • Sustainable Life Hacks - in January, we'll also be launching a blog on sustainable life hacks so keep an eye out! 

Want to get involved?

If you've got an event you'd like to run, or top tips you'd like to share then let us know and we can help provide support and promotion!