At Society Awards and Colours Ball, a new award will be introduced: the Sustainability Award! 

This award will be to recognise a student group that have actively worked towards becoming more environmentally sustainable, going above and beyond to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment. This can be through specific events, initiatives or projects, sourcing more sustainable products, engaging in schemes or spreading awareness on campus that highlights sustainability or a specific environmental issue or concern. 


Things to consider:

  • Campaigning to raise awareness on a specific environmental issue 

  • Fundraising activity specific to an environmental cause

  • Utilising the Student Group Sustainability Guide to become a more sustainable student group

  • Running activities or events that are aimed to engage and/or educate students in action around the climate emergency

  • Sourcing more sustainable products for events or activities

  • Ensuring events or activities are delivered in the most sustainable way possible

  • Engaging in initiatives that educate others through events or activities around sustainability a and the environment

  • Introducing a Sustainability Officer on the committee whose focus is to improve the sustainability of your student group