In this article we focus on the key responsibilities of being a captain. We have linked to the fixture handbook folder, some key bits of information, BUCS's captain training as well as the training video that you can watch whenever you want!

Captains Training Session

This session will teach you the basic responsibilities you need to know when fulfilling your role as captain.

Captain basics

The first and most important thing you need to do is join BUCSPlay and join your sport community. This will allow us to add you as Captain on the BUCSPlay system, meaning you will be able to access the administration side of things. You can find a guide on how to do this here.

Remember that a committee member must let us know you are the captain so we can add you to the database!

Your main responsibilities throughout the year include: keeping track of all your team's fixtures, being familiar with the BUCS rules and regulations, creating and approving team sheets and inputting scores. Being captain also means you must work with all your players, liaise with the SU about any fixture changes, liaise with other captains and of course, being a leader.

BUCS forms

Team Sheets

Before any fixture you will need to select your team players on the team sheet. This can be done from the BUCSPlay app (step by step guide in the BUCS training attachment). 

When meeting with the opposition you must check their team sheet. You should check the players' eligibility (check their student card) and ensure all players present are on the team sheet and are playing in the correct team/league. 

All team sheets must be approved or disputed, as well as having a team sheet for all of your fixtures. Failure to do so may incur fines on the team and even loss of league points. It is also important to note that if you approve a team sheet it means you are happy with the opposition's team and you will not be able to make any claims against their team. There are no exceptions to this, so ensure you are doing the right checks.


For every home game you must input the score onto BUCSPlay before 12pm the day after. Failure to do so can result in fines as well as loss of league points. 

Playing Under Protest

If on the day of the fixture you feel like a regulation has been broken, you must fill in a PUP form before the fixture starts. In exceptional cases you could fill this in during a fixture, but would unlikely be accepted in most cases. These PUP forms should also be sent to us immediately to begin a claim process if necessary.

Without a PUP form we cannot make any claims on your behalf. Sending a PUP form past the given deadlines (available on BUCS) we also cannot submit a claim. There are no exceptions to this rule.

On the day of fixtures

  • Ensure everybody brings their College ID
  • Bring first aid kit
  • Create the home team's team sheet and approve the opposition's team sheet
  • Input the score of home games onto BUCS Play

First Aid

You must bring your club's first aid kit to every training session as well as any social leagues and fixtures. If any first incidents occur, the designated first aider of your group should apply first aid treatment. If it is beyond their capacity you must report to the Sports' Centre reception to ask for help. 

After the incident is under control you must complete the First Aid form. This is for insurance purposes and for our records, so please fill it in as soon as possible after the accident.

Fixtures and Rearrangements

You will be able to see your team's fixtures on BUCSPlay as well as on the Groups' fixtures spreadsheet shared with the club's account. The spreadsheet will have information before BUCSPlay has, and you will also be able to see the progress of any fixture rearrangements so we recommend you check this sheet often.

It is not uncommon for teams to want to rearrange their fixtures. You can do so by filling in the Fixture Rearrangement Form. However, we really want to stress that this year due to the way the league is set up, the increase in team entries and the facility space available there are very very limited spaces to rearrange fixtures to. Some dates you might think are free are unavailable due to potential cup fixtures, or the facilities may already be booked. As such, the capacity for rearrangement this year is limited, therefore you must only request to rearrange a fixture if absolutely necessary or you might have to concede a walkover.


There is one main difference that you need to remember with BUCS vs LUSL. 

For any changes or queries relating to BUCS, you must always email the Student Opportunities team. The Sports Club Coordinator, is the person who is in charge of fixture administration, and will be the person liasing with opposition's regarding fixture rearrangements, disputes, etc. You must never arrange for a fixture change with the opposition when it relates to a BUCS fixture.

For LUSL fixtures, this is managed by Captains. You are in charge of liasing with oppositions about any fixture change requests and agreeing on dates. However, we must still always be notified of any changes. This particularly relates to when it is a home game, as the facility will still need to be booked by Marta. So whilst you self-manage requesting changes, you must still let the SU know of these changes as they will finalise any bookings.

Socials, welcome drinks and behaviour

We also wanted to use this opportunity to remind you about some important information regarding socials and behaviour. 

It's that time of year where with fixtures starting up we start to think about Welcome drinks. As a reminder, initiations are banned across the country, and any reports of initiations or initiation-like behaviour may result in a membership investigation. You should be fostering a safe, inclusive environment for students to take part in and feel like a member of your community. This is important to note for events like Come In Your Kit, but is applicable to any social events the club organises.

This year we have also implemented a code of conduct which all committee members and any student joining a group must abide by. Failure to abide by the code of conduct may also result in a membership investigation. As committee members it is your job to ensure that your club is a safe space and call out any problematic behaviours. This applies both on and off the field. How your players/supporters behave during a fixture (whether they're playing or spectating) is your responsibility as a committee. Any unacceptable behaviour should receive a warning, and in repeat or extreme instances, the person should be removed from the location and reported to the SU and onsite staff. Failure to manage behaviour for fixtures may result in a membership investigation which can result in a team being withdrawn from a league and banned for future entries. 

You can read more about this here.