We run two big training periods for Committee leaders during the year; one in June which goes over all the key information you need to run your group, and one in September where we go into more role-specific details. These really are your opportunity to get to grips with everything you need to know to ensure your student group has a productive and effective year.  

Check out the recordings from Part One here.

Student Group Training Part Two

When? 28 September - 1 October

Where? Zoom

You can now sign up for Student Group Training: Part Two! 

In September, we will deliver a series of sessions that will help better your understanding of being a committee member. Some are essential depending on your role, but all sessions are open to all committee members. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom and will be recorded and made available afterwards. There will also be opportunities to ask lots of questions in each session, so make sure you engage, take notes and don’t be afraid to ask us anything!


Captains Training (29 September 18:00-19:00) - This session will provide sports clubs with all the information needed to feel prepared for BUCS and LUSL fixtures. This includes how to use BUCSPlay, what you need to do each week for your fixtures, what regulations you need to be aware of and more. The session will also cover the Socials Policy and what it means for welcome drinks.(Captains and Club Presidents)

Treasurer Training (28 September 18:00-19:00) - This session will provide all treasurers a detailed understanding of their responsibilities and the processes involved with student group finances. This includes how the different accounts work, how you can spend money using expense claims, invoices and purchase requests, and how money can be paid into your group account. (Treasurers)

Wellbeing Secretary Training (30 September 18:00-19:00) - This session provides committee members in welfare-related roles with the tools they need to support their members and how to make sure members welfare is always at the centre of group activities. It will also cover the responsibilities of a welfare secretary, how to set boundaries and provide an overview of what support is available to you. (Wellbeing related roles)

Q&A Drop In (1 October 13:30-14:30) - Come along and ask any questions that you’ve been thinking about over the week. (Any Committee Role)

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