1. Summer Funding

Each year, we run an annual student group funding process where you have an opportunity to apply for funding for your activities for the coming year. In the 2020-21 academic year, we were unable to do this because of our financial situation as a result of the pandemic. For the upcoming 2021-22 year, we’re in a similar position but have been fortunate enough to secure some funding for your group to help you rebuild and get ready for the year ahead. 

This summer all groups will receive funding based on their risk status:

Risk Level

Amount of Funding

Risk determined by...

Low Risk


Awarded to all groups unless deemed medium or high risk. Aimed at groups who are in a good financial position, are likely to bounce back well next term and the funding will help with promotional materials or membership drive

Medium Risk


Given to groups who are in a poor financial situation but are likely to be able to bounce back well next term, with minimal outgoing costs or are likely to have good member engagement. 

High Risk


Given to groups who are in a significantly poor financial situation, have large outgoing costs in term one and might struggle with attracting members.

You will find out what funding you have been awarded when filling out your budget forms for the upcoming year over the summer. Check out this Freshdesk article for more information on filling out your budget forms.

  1. Development Fund

Previously we held a second round of Student Group Funding in November, as well as offering the opportunity to apply for funding from the Development Fund throughout the year. This year, we’re merging these two processes, and you will have the opportunity to apply for funding in November. This may be for some financial support as some unexpected costs have come up, or membership numbers were lower than anticipated. Or perhaps you want to introduce a new opportunity or purchase some new equipment that will allow your group to grow. There will be more information about how you can apply in term one.

  1. New Group Fund

When a new group has been ratified by SSO, they will receive funding of £100 into their account to act as seed funding to kick-start their activity.