Activities Management is a new feature of our website which all committee members will have access to for their groups. You can use it  to make events appear on your student group webpage, and to create a sign-up function for attendees to register their attendance. Check out this handy video, or keep reading below to find out how to use it:

Step One: Event Proposal

First, fill out an event proposal and risk assessment! All events need one of these before they can take place. Check out our Freshdesk article here to view guidance, and get the link to the form.

On the event proposal form, in the tickets section, you will be asked if you would like to charge entry to your event – if you select yes, you will need to fill out the necessary details and we’ll get a button added to your webpage. You will then be given the activities management information.

If you decide not to charge entry to your event, you will be shown the activities management information straight away. Follow the link in the help text which will open up the SU website in another tab. Make sure you remember to go back to the event proposal to attach your risk assessment and submit it to us! We won't be able to approve anything you put on activities management to go up on your group's page until we have received an event proposal and risk assessment from you.

Step Two: Adding your event

On the SU website, login and find the admin button at the top right of the page. Click this, and choose your student group- this will bring up a page with a number of admin options, including activities management- click this one. 

Go to All activities and press New Activity and fill out the details. Please make sure that the information you put here (activity title, date and time) matches what is on your event proposal, as we will use the event proposal to find and approve your event on activities management. Add a description so people know what to expect from your event, and press save and submit! 

Step Three: Sign-up Lists

If you want to provide your members a sign up option press the Signup button. You can select either:

  • Closed sign up -  if you want to add members who you know will be attending the event
  • Open sign up - if you want members to be able to sign up themselves. You will need to set the number of places available, and state when people will be able to sign up. You can also reserve places if you wish – for example for your committee members.

Once you have completed your sign-up option, press update options to save it. On the attendees tab, you will then be able to select people to add to the sign up list if you reserved spaces or opted for a closed sign up. Here, you will also be able to view a list of who has signed up for your events. When your event is taking place, you will also be able to use this to mark who attended.

Step Four: Approval from Student Opportunities

Once we have received and checked over your event proposal and risk assessment, we will approve your activities management submission, and let you know you're good to go!

If you check your student group webpage, the event will be listed there, and your members will then be able to click on the event to sign up. 

If you have any questions, just send us in a ticket here!