It is rather upsetting to be facing lockdown again, after everyone has worked really hard to return to their activity in a safe and engaging way. BUT we have done it before and we will get through it again!

Any activity you are able to put online over the next few weeks will be beneficial to members’ wellbeing by providing: 

  1. a community for them to interact with
  2. activity to engage with outside of a lockdown routine.

As a way of helping you through the next few weeks, I have pulled together some ideas to save you from the dreaded Zoom quiz! For something a bit extra, try to consider which of these can be done in collaboration with another group or university!

1. Lockdown Weekly Round Up

Every week, I will be giving one group a shoutout on social media for a creative and engaging activity. Simply fill out this form to nominate yourself.

2. Core Purpose

Think about whether your group can:

  • Run it’s usual activity online? 
  • Or alter some/all of your activity so some of it is deliverable online (e.g. fitness session, skills specific session)? 

3. Alternative Activity

If you're unable to deliver your usual core purpose activity online, here are some fun ideas for alternative activity that all can be delivered virtually and keep your members engaged! Click the image below to see all of the ideas!

Useful links:

4. Royal Hideaway

We are re-launching Royal Hideaway for this new lockdown period, determined to support one another and develop our strong campus community spirit online, much like during the last lockdown.

As before, this will be a great opportunity for you to shout about your activity!